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The Invisible Front
Nematomas frontas (2014)
  • Director:
    Jonas Ohman,Vincas Sruoginis
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Mark Johnston,Jonas Ohman
  • Cast:
    Andrius Mamontovas,Darius Udrys
  • Time:
    1h 16min
  • Year:
The Invisible Front was the code name used by the Soviet Interior Forces for the armed resistance in the occupied territories of the former Soviet Union. This resistance sprang to life without almost any outside support in 1940 and again in 1944, continuing in various forms, armed and unarmed, until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is the story of one of the twentieth centuries most significant anti-soviet resistance movements, told through the words and experiences of one of its leaders, Juozas Luksa and his fellow Forest Brothers. The documentary seeks to provide an understanding of the dynamics of the armed and unarmed underground resistance through interviews and first time access to never been seen before archival footage. Its a ground breaking film of a dying heritage. We have conducted over 50 on camera interviews, including dignitaries such President Adamkus of Lithuania and President Zatlers of Latvia, CIA operatives and US government officials, as well as the many ...
Credited cast:
Andrius Mamontovas Andrius Mamontovas - Juozas Luksa (voice)
Darius Udrys Darius Udrys - Narrator

Nematomas frontas (2014)
This movie was amazingly worthwhile. Previously I had no real information about the Lithuanian resistance and this film was an incredible insight into this piece of history. In addition to being informative this documentary did an exceptional job of developing the characters involved and allowing the audience to connect on a very tangible level. One of my favorite parts of the film were the moments that allowed the viewers to take a moment and reflect on what they had just seen. These beautiful pictures of the Lithuanian landscape not only provided enough time to reflect but also gave the audience the ability to see exactly how beautiful the country is. Love the film and definitely recommend it.

The director managed to beautifully pace and balance the incredible human suffering of Lithuania in the face of Soviet aggression with the tender and moving love story of two people dedicated to freedom over everything else.

I'm not Lithuanian and had no idea what it means when one country occupies another. It's truly terrifying.

I can't think of a documentary which is more pertinent to our modern times. Freedom isn't free and the cost of ignoring it needs to be repeatedly constantly.

If you see one documentary this year, make this it.
We frequently hear of guerrilla warfare but don't often associate it with northern Europe in the 20th century. This "enhanced" documentary chronicles Lithuania's struggle against Soviet occupation following World War II, while at the same time developing a human story line around the real-life love of a partisan fighter and his new wife. Will he stay with her in Paris or will he cross back through the Iron Curtain to resume his struggle for his country's freedom. Real-life Casablanca! The unscripted and candid discussions between the now elderly partisans who were betrayed and sent to Siberia and the neighbors who sold them out to the Communists are palpable in their drama and tension. What isn't said speaks as loudly as the words actually expressed. A terrific movie.
Dancing Lion
Dancing Lion
9 out of 10. Much more than the story of the underground resistance in Lithuania: this is a love story. It's the story of one man, Luksa, who never gave up his love for one woman, nor his quest to liberate his country from the tyrannical boot of the Soviet Union. Ohman captures something here. In interviews of palpable candor, coupled with top notch cinematography and a heart touching score, he conveys the barest essence of man's true yearning to be free. This was a story I had never heard of. How is it that it's not being told in American history classes. How sad and tragic that alternatively Communism is being taught in Universities all across America. Not to be missed. Streams on Netflix.
Simple fellow
Simple fellow
This documentary is about the pretty much unknown resistance movement in the Baltic republic and the guerrilla war they waged with the Soviets after they were taken over by the Soviets after WWII. While many in the West know that these countries and others were taken over by the Russian army, nothing is ever said about the folks who took to the woods and took up arms against their oppressors. Eventually, this movement was pretty much wiped out and survivors today agreed to be interviewed for the film--including many folks from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In addition, a lot of archival footage and photos are used to construct this very sad and fruitless struggle. Worth seeing, though not surprisingly it's very downbeat and so many brave folks died in this struggle for freedom.