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Raíces (1954)
  • Director:
    Benito Alazraki
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Benito Alazraki,Manuel Barbachano Ponce
  • Cast:
    Beatriz Flores,Juan de la Cruz,Juan Cano
  • Time:
    1h 43min
  • Year:
Mexican and Latin-American classic. Four independent stories based on writer Francisco Rojas Gonzáles's work, depicting the reality of Mexican indian people: Las Vacas, Nuestra Señora, El Tuerto and La Potranca. In El Tuerto, crosseyed boy is made fun of by his mates. His religious mother asks God to make the boy's eyes equal. The outcome is tragic.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Beatriz Flores Beatriz Flores - Martina (segment "Las vacas")
Juan de la Cruz Juan de la Cruz - Esteban (segment "Las vacas")
Juan Cano Juan Cano - Don Remigio (segment "Las vacas")
Rafael Ramírez Rafael Ramírez - The Cousin (segment "Las vacas")
Conchita Montes Conchita Montes - The City Woman (segment "Las vacas")
Eduardo Urruchua Eduardo Urruchua - The City Man (segment "Las vacas")
Olimpia Alazraki Olimpia Alazraki - Jane Davis (segment "Nuestra Señora")
Doctor González Doctor González - Himself (segment "Nuestra Señora")
Juan Hernández Juan Hernández - Mariano (segment "Nuestra Señora")
Ángel Lara Ángel Lara - The Priest (segment "Nuestra Señora")
Miguel Ángel Negrón Miguel Ángel Negrón - The One-Eyed Kid (segment "El tuerto")
Antonia Hernández Antonia Hernández - The Mother (segment "El Tuerto")
Mario Herrera Mario Herrera - The Mother's Friend (segment "El tuerto")
Alicia del Lago Alicia del Lago - Xanath (segment "La potranca")
Carlos Robles Gil Carlos Robles Gil - Eric (segment "La potranca")

Raíces (1954)
Long before the Europeans set foot on America, several Indian cultures flourished, specially in the center of Mexico and down to South America. These groups had astounding knowledges that up till today it is still a mystery as to how they acquired them. This very interesting and very well produced film that used no professional actors, is a very good portrait of what happens when we try to view things prejudiced by our own point of view. This is typically a clash of 2 cultures, the European modernity trying to judge what The "Chamula" Indians in the Southeast part of Mexico had been doing for centuries. It is a clash between pagan and religious beliefs, between desire and pride, between poverty and riches, between faith and reality, between tradition and modernity. It is very interesting to follow the plot of the 4 different stories being narrated. This is a movie that should not be missed by Latin Americans or any one else that wants to understand how the natives lived on this part of the world long before we were "discovered" by the Europeans.