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A Streetcar with Desire
The Big Easy A Streetcar with Desire (1996–1997)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    William Malone
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Robert De Laurentiis
  • Cast:
    Tony Crane,Eric George,Leslie Bibb
  • Time:
  • Year:
Remy investigates the murder of a prominent, but debauched lawyer on a tram street car where he tries to link a mysterious blond waitress to an exterminator company that the lawyer represented sometime back. Meanwhile, Remy is not too pleased when he is paired with a new trainee, the ambitious, but naive Janine Rebbenack who transfers to the squad, and she quickly annoys Remy with her by-the-book ways of handling the case. Elsewhere, Smiley asks Remy for financial assistance as he prepares to open up his own jazz and blues club.
Episode cast overview:
Tony Crane Tony Crane - Remy McSwain
Eric George Eric George - Smiley Dupree
Leslie Bibb Leslie Bibb - Janine Rebbenack
Barry Corbin Barry Corbin - C.D. LeBlanc
Nicole Eggert Nicole Eggert - Laurel Attery
Wayne Maugans Wayne Maugans - Stanley
Barry Del Sherman Barry Del Sherman - Lester
Chuck Wise Chuck Wise - Mr. Friendly
Charles Ferrara Charles Ferrara - Detective
Lew Temple Lew Temple - Nash Lee
Monique Detraz Monique Detraz - Mercy Chase
Christine Labourdette Christine Labourdette - Lulu
Lisa Ann Carr Lisa Ann Carr - Megan

The Big Easy A Streetcar with Desire (1996–1997)