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WWF Unforgiven
WWF Unforgiven (1999)
Creative Work
  • Director:
    Kevin Dunn
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Ed Ferrara,Vince Russo
  • Cast:
    Paul Levesque,Dwayne Johnson,Glenn Jacobs
  • Time:
  • Year:
Six-Pack Challenge for Vacant WWF Title: Triple H vs. Mankind vs. The Rock vs. Kane Vs. British Bulldog Vs. The Big Show (w special guest referee:Stone Cold Steve Astin), WWF Intercontinental Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna, WWF Tag Team Titles: The New Age Outlaws vs. Edge & Christian, WWF European Title: Mark Henry vs. D'Lo Brown, WWF Hardcore Title (Kennel in a Cell match): The Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow, WWF Women's Title (hardcore match): Ivory vs. Luna, X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho, Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman, The Acolytes vs. The Dudley Boyz
Cast overview, first billed only:
Paul Levesque Paul Levesque - Triple H
Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson - The Rock
Glenn Jacobs Glenn Jacobs - Kane
Mick Foley Mick Foley - Mankind
Davey Boy Smith Davey Boy Smith - The British Bulldog
Paul Wight Paul Wight - The Big Show
Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett - Jeff Jarrett
Chyna Chyna - Chyna
Mark Henry Mark Henry - Mark Henry
A.C. Connor A.C. Connor - D-Lo Brown
Monty Sopp Monty Sopp - 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn
Brian James Brian James - Road Dogg Jesse Jammes
Adam Copeland Adam Copeland - Edge
Jay Reso Jay Reso - Christian
Ray Traylor Ray Traylor - The Big Boss Man

WWF Unforgiven (1999)
Match 1 Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman Val got on the mic and talked about Hurricane Floyd. He said he was blown from one end of the state to the other. As soon as Blackman enters the ring he attacks and the bell rings. Val stomps Blackman down in the corner. Blackman with a dropkick. Blackman crotches Val on the ropes. Blackman with a inverted atomic drop on Val. Outside the ring Val drops Blackman neck first over the safety rail. Blackman sends Val into the steel steps. Blackman picks up Val and rams his spine into the ring post. Back in ring Blackman with a hard irish whip. Val fires back, goes into the ropes and Blackman counters with a backbreaker. Val clotheslines Blackman. Val with knee shots to Blackman's stomach. Blackman with a crossbody. Val rolls through and gets a 2 count. Val with a clothesline followed up with a bulldog and a ddt. Val goes up top and hits the money shot and gets the 3 count. Winner: Val Venis

Match 2 Mark Henry vs. D'Lo Brown European Championship Match Mark Henry came to the ring with two women. Mark got on the mic and said there would not be a European Championship Match tonight and told his two ladies to go start the car. His excuse was that he has a brain annurism from Lilian Garcia slapping him about three minutes earlier in a interview. Dlo makes his way to the ring and meets Henry in the aisle. Both men make it to the ring and the bell rings. Dlo with a powerbomb for a 2 count. Dlo hits a crossbody over the top to the outside on Henry. Henry press slams Dlo for a 2 count. Henry scoop slams Dlo then follows up with a clothesline. Henry with a slam followed up by a legdrop for a 2 count. Dlo hits a headscissors out of no where on Henry. Dlo with a heel kick on Henry followed by the snap leg drop. Henry clotheslines Dlo in the corner. Dlo picks him up and powerbombs him. Dlo goes to the top and connects with the low-down for the 3 count. Winner and new European Champion: Dlo Brown

Match 3 Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna Intercontinental Championship Match Ms. Kitty came to the ring with JJ. No Debra. Chyna came out to a large pop. As soon as she entered the ring JJ attacked. Bell rings. Chyna with a shoulder block followed by a clothesline. JJ comes off the top only to be greeted by a uppercut to his jewels from Chyna. JJ wraps Chyna's leg around the ring post. JJ off the top with a cross body for a 2 count. Standing dropkick by JJ. JJ connects with a superplex for a 2 count. JJ with a ddt like maneuver on Chyna's arm. Chyna puts JJ up on her shoulders and falls backwards on him. JJ locks a sleeper on Chyna. Chyna comes back with a vertical suplex. Chyna then did power moves on Jarrett, using a chair. Jarrett took a backdrop on the Spanish announce table. They went in the ring and Chyna went for the pedigree. Jarrett powered out and monkeyflipped Chyna into the ref. Kitty gave Jeff the guitar but before he could use it, Mae Young and Moolah attacked Jarrett and then suplexed him! He came back and hit a double clothesline on them. He then laid the boots into Young and Moolah. Then Debra came out to ringside and hit Kitty. She went into the ring and pasted Jeff with the guitar as he was about to put the Figure Four on Chyna. Chyna came too and covered Jeff for the pin in 12 minutes. Wait a second....then head scab ref Tom Prichard came out and showed Harvey the footage of Debra using the guitar and reversed the decision. Chyna then destroyed Prichard, killing him with the Pedigree. Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Match 4 Acolytes vs. Dudley Boyz Bradshaw and Buh Buh fighting on the outside of the ring. Bradshaw sends Buh Buh into the steel steps. Farooq with a powerslam on Dvon for a 2 count. Dvon with a ddt on Farooq. Buh Buh powerbombs Bradshaw. Dvon comes off the top with a flying headbutt. Bradshaw with a superplex on Dvon for a 2 count. Dudleys with 3D on farooq. Stevie Richards comes into the ring dresses like a Acolyte and superkicks Dvon. Farooq pins Dvon for the win. After the match Bradshaw and farooq attack Stevie. Winners: The Acolytes

Match 5 Ivory vs. Luna Women's Championship Match, Hardcore Rules Match starts off in the back with Luna attacking Ivory. Luna dives off of a forklift onto Ivory for a 2 count. Tori interferes in the match with a pole. Ivory takes the pole away from Tori and knocks her out with it. Ivory takes the pole and hits Luna over the back and pins her for the win. Winner: Ivory

Match 6 Edge and Christian vs. New Age Outlaws Tag team championship match Match starts off with Mr Ass and Edge hooking it up. Armdrags by Edge. Christian with a dropkick on Road Dogg. NAO double team Christian. Mr Ass press slams Christian onto Road Dogg's knee. Edge with a standing dropkick on Road Dogg. Road dogg fires back with the juke n jive. Edge slings Road Dogg into the steel steps. Back in ring Christian with a backbreaker on Road Dogg. Edge and Christian double team Road Dogg. Road Dogg hits a double ddt on Edge and Christian. Mr Ass finally tagged in and cleans house. All 4 men in ring now. Edge spears Road Dogg. Gangrel comes in and attacks Christian. Jeff hardy comes in and dropkicks Edge. Mr Ass hits the fameasser on Edge for the 3 count. Winners: New Age Outlaws

Match 7 Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man Kennel From Hell Hardcore Championship Match Match starts off with Al hitting Bossman with his nightstick. Al locks the Bossman between the cages. The dog trainers bring the dogs down into the first cage. Bossman climbing back in the inner cage. Al and Bossman fighting on top of the inner cage. Bossman suplexes Al off the inner cage. Bossman hits Al twice with a cookie sheet. Bossman climbs the inner cage and tries to cut his way out of the top of the cage with a pair of pliers. Al breaks a log over Bossman's head. Bossman tries to take Al's ear off with the pliers. Al throws powder into the Bossman's eye then hits him in the head with a stick. Bossman busted open right above his eye. Al sends Bossman into the cage face first. Bossman hits Al with a shovel. Bossman handcuffs Al to the turnbuckle. Bossman trying to escape from the cell. Al breaks free from the handcuffs and crotches Bossman on the ropes. Al pulls out a head out of his sack and nails Bossman in the head with it. Bossman and Al trying to get out of the cage at the same time. Al gets out first and wins. Winner: Al Snow

Match 8 Xpac vs. Chris Jericho Match starts off with a takedown by Jericho. Jericho with a clothesline on Xpac. Jericho hangs Xpac out to dry over the ropes. jericho with chops in the corner on Xpac. Xpac kicks Jericho down in the corner. Xpac went for the bronco buster but Jericho saw it coming. Xpac goes for the x-factor and Jericho counters with a powerbomb. Outside the ring Curtis Hughes clotheslines Xpac. Jericho sends Xpac into the steel steps then suplexes him on the floor. Back in ring Jericho hits a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Jericho with a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Xpac. Jericho into the ropes and hits the lionsault and pounds on Xpac's face. Jericho dropkicks Xpac off the ring apron. Curtis hughes gets his shot in. Xpac with a spinning heel kick on Jericho. Xpac hits a lariat from the second rope for a 2 count. Jericho with a senton bomb off the top for a 2 count. Xpac crotches Jericho onthe ropes. Xpac goes up top and connects with the superplex on Jericho for a 2 count. Double powerbomb on Xpac by Jericho for a 2 count. Jericho gets hooked on the tree of woe. Xpac follows up with the bronco buster. Hughes comes in the ring and knocks out the ref. Hughes and Jericho double team Xpac. Road Dogg comes out to make the save. Xpac and Road Dogg clear the ring. Winner: Xpac

Match 9 The Rock vs. Mankind vs. the Bulldog vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Triple H Six Pack Challenge to determine the undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion Enforcer: Stone Cold Steve Austin Austin comes out and sits down at the commentator's table at the beginning. Match starts off with The Rock and Bulldog going at it. Rock clotheslines Triple H. Rock hangs Triple H over the top rope. Kane chokeslams Triple H. Kane with a powerslam on Triple H and takes a cheap shot at The Big Show. Mankind pounds Triple H down in the corner and hits him with a knee to the face. Big Show with a backbreaker on Kane. Bulldog goes down low on The Rock with a cheap shot. Rock woth a side russian leg sweep on Kane for a 2 count. Mankind piledrives Kane for a 2 count. Mankind pulls Triple H out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps. Triple H suplexes Mankind in the aisle. Rock comes running up and clotheslines Triple H. Mankind sends Triple H into the steps again. Mankind picks up the steps and hits triple H with it. Mankind piledrives Triple H on the steel steps. Back in ring Bulldog pounds Mankind down in the corner. All the refs are shown walking to the ring. The refs watch the match from outside the ring. Big Show slams Mankind and follows up with a big elbow drop. Rock makes the save. Rock pounding on Big Show. Rock hits a clothesline on Big Show. Triple H makes the save. Rock picks up Austin's beer and spits it in Triple H's face. Mankind with a ddt on Kane. Kane with the tombstone on Mankind. Big Show makes the save and throws Kane out of the ring. Kane comes back with a lariat off the top on Big Show. Triple H hits the pedigree on Bulldog. Mankind with a double arm ddt on Rock. Mankind with the socko claw on Rock. Rock hits the Rock Bottom out of the socko claw. Triple H makes the save. Big Show chokeslams Mankind. The refs that were on strike pulled out the ref who was fixing to make the count and attack him. Austin comes in and takes out all the refs. Rock ddt's Triple H for a 2 count. Austin is ref now. Triple H with a high knee on Rock. Triple H stomping Rock down in the corner. Rock hits the rock bottom on Triple H. Rock hits the people's elbow. Austin went to make the count and Big Show pulled him out. Austin hits Bulldog with a chair. Triple h hits the pedigree on the Rock. Austin makes the 3 count. Austin hands the belt to Triple H. Triple H yanks it out of his hand. Austin gets pissed and hits him with the stunner. Austin leaves the arena drinking beer. Winner: Triple H

This pay-per view deserves a B+
Well, the other reviewer certainly described this in great detail, so I'll be more brief:

1) Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman. Solid power match, too short. **1/2

2) Mark Henry vs. D'Lo Brown (European title). Brown is not bad, but Henry is too fat and sluggish. The match is too long. *1/2

3) Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna (IC title). Very entertaining, not so much for the actual wrestling as for the atmosphere. Muscular Chyna looks 100% credible as a man's opponent in the ring, and the crowd is fully behind her. Kudos to Jarrett, too, for playing the heel to hissable perfection. ***

4) The Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes. The enthusiastic crowd from the previous match goes to sleep for this one. *1/2

5) Ivory vs. Luna (Women's title). Well this is unusual. A short hardcore-rules catfight that takes place entirely backstage. **

6) Edge & Christian vs. New Age Outlaws (Tag Team titles). Where are the Hardy Boyz when you need them? (actually, they do appear at the very end) *1/2

7) Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man. "Kennel From Hell" match for the Hardcore title. The environment is certainly unique (a cage INSIDE a cell, and the winner is whoever escapes first from both - and from some leashed rottweilers), but the match itself is an almost total dud. *1/2

8) Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac. Just a filler before the main event. **

9) 6-Pack Challenge for the WWF title. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. The British Bulldog vs. Mick Foley, with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special "enforcer". Frantic and chaotic as expected; as in the third match rates higher as entertainment than as wrestling, of which there is little. **1/2
1. Val Venis Vs. Steve Blackman 7/10

2. WWF European Title Match: Champ-Mark Henry Vs. D Lo Brown - Ordinary bout. D Lo won the belt. 7/10

3. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Champ-Jeff Jarrett Vs. Chyna - Jarret acted like he was extremely weak. Maybe it should be family entertainment. I don't like that. 6/10

4. Dudley Boys Vs. Acolytes - Acolytes won with a help by Stevie Richards. 7/10

5. Hardcore Women Title Match: Luna Vs. Champ-Ivory - Hardcore match with women? Really? We saw there vertical pin :D 6/10

6. WWF Tag Team Title Match: Champs-The New Age Outlaws Vs. Edge/Christian 7.5/10

7. Cage Match: Champ-Al Snow Vs. Big Boss Man - Terrible thing, zero crowd reaction...5.5/10

8. Chris Jericho Vs. X-pac - Dq Ending. But reverse Bronco Buster? :D 7/10

9. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Big Show Vs. The Rock Vs. Stone Cold Vs. Mankind Vs. Kane Vs. The British Bulldog 8/10
Well, Triple H won the vacant WWE Title, the reformed New Age Outlaws retained the tag belts and Al Snow and Big Boss Man took part in one of the worst gimmick matches in history at this decent, but not great PPV show.

The big storyline coming into this match revolved around the WWE Title. Triple H had been decidedly unhappy after Mankind rudely stole the pin off him in the triple threat world championship match at Summerslam, and so he attacked poor Howard Finkel to force Mankind to put his title on the line the following night on RAW. Triple H defeated Mankind for the title and in the meantime Mideon and Viscera had interrupted a 5 man No.1 contender's match between Undertaker, Rock, Big Show, Mankind and Kane, leading to all five men being named No.1 contenders and the decision to have a six pack challenge match for the WWE Title at the Unforgiven PPV. After the match, the men involved assaulted a group of referees, who then went on strike. With the referees on strike Triple H then lost the title to Vince McMahon, with Shane as the guest ref. Vince relinquished the belt soon afterwards and inserted Triple H in the match for the vacant WWE Title, right before firing the Undertaker for refusing to wrestle Triple H and the British Bulldog was added to the match instead. All the referees refused to adjudicate the match following the violence at the end of the No.1 contender match and so Steve Austin was installed as the guest referee. With only one referee not striking there were many guest refs on this show.

The night started off with Steve Blackman continuing his PPV losing streak, this time going down to Val Venis, returning to PPV after a noticeable absence. Blackman knocked out Venis after the match after Val had attempted to jump him from behind. Refereeing for us here was The Brooklyn Brawler.

next two matches contributed little of value with D Lo Brown winning the European Championship from Mark Henry in a poor match refereed by Jimy Corderas, the only ref who wasn't on strike, and Jeff Jarrett successfully defending the Intercontinental Championship against Chyna of all people. Well, actually Chyna did pin Jarrett following a guitar shot from Jarrett's former valet Debra, but the referee Harvey Wippleman (the man who would soon become the only male to hold the WWE Women's Championship under his alter ego Hervina) reversed his decision and awarded Jarrett the victory by DQ and so he kept his title.

The next match saw the Acolytes defeat the Dudley Boyz, making their WWE PPV debut in a not great match decided by interference from former ECW wrestler Stevie Richards. The Dudleyz had also come in from ECW where they had been a big hit and their table fetish would eventually work for the WWE audience too. But it was slow going near the start. Corderas again had the refereeing gig. The match occurred because the Dudleyz had interfered in a No.1 contender's match, costing the Acolytes a title shot.

The next match saw Ivory (whom I always had a soft spot for) pin Luna Vachon with that man again Harvey Wippleman as the guest referee.

Next up saw the reformed New Age Outlaws defeat Edge and Christian after interference by the Hardy Boyz to retain their tag belts. Korderas again was the referee.

The next match was the infamous Kennel from Hell match which saw Snow defeat the Big Boss Man to retain the Hardcore Title (that he had been awarded by the British Bulldog and hadn't won to begin with) was wrong for many reasons. For starters the match occurred because Big Boss Man kidnapped Al Snow dog Pepper, turned it into a hamburger and fed it to Snow as a snack. To win the match you basically need to escape the inner cage around the ring and then make your way out of a second cage filled with dogs. But these dogs aren't salivating, barking and vicious. Their activities involved urinating, defecating and allegedly fornicating. Anyway, Snow won be escaping the second cage. No referee was needed.

Next match saw Chris Jericho make his PPV debut and lose by DQ to X-Pac after Jericho's bodyguard Mr Hughes clobbered guest ref Tom Prichard. Not an auspicious PPV debut for Jericho. Jericho's place in the match was originally going to go to Ken Shamrock, but he had left the WWE after being badly injured (he was actually returning to MMA).

Next up was the six pack challenge match. In this match men stood in each of the four corners of the ring and had to be tagged in and out to enter the match. There were a lot of blind tags, guys getting punched in the face and the back as a tag and other shenanigans. the result was an entertaining match won by Triple H with Austin reluctantly counting the 3 after the British Bulldog had run wild late in the match with a steel chair. Austin clobbered the British Bulldog with a steel chair of his own and then saw Triple H making the cover on the Rock and counted the three. Triple H's second WWE Championship was his first title win of any significance (his previous one happened on RAW and lasted only a few days). He didn't have long to celebrate though with Austin hitting him with a stunner as the PPV went off the air.

So this was a much improved PPV show on their recent efforts and set up a great PPV the following month. Snow and Bossman's ridiculous rivalry was over and there was a genuine feeling of optimism going forward. The would soon regain its focus, and that was just what the company needed with their main competition WCW already struggling.