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Judas u0026 Jesus
Judas & Jesus (2009)
  • Director:
    Olaf Encke,Claudia Romero
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  • Writer:
    Olaf Encke
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How Judas grassed on Jesus to earn the 30 euros he needed as entry fee to Maria Magdalena's sex show.

Judas & Jesus (2009)
This is a fantastically blasphemous animated short. Full of violence, sex, and the kind of humour that strikes right at the heart of the self- righteous, this film has everything to inflame the Christian audience no doubt tearing this thing apart.

Which is a shame, because the production is top notch, and the comedic timing is impeccable. Judas as a character is able to be sympathised with while also being the kind of despicable low-life that seems to embody most of today's oversexed youth. Any way you look at it, it is intelligent and challenging.

Probably too pornographic to watch openly at work, this is still a must see. Rebellious, intelligent, sexy and constantly funny, a feature film could be made out of this material and I would lap it up. Brilliant stuff that I hope is appreciated around the world.
Without saying much of anything, this cartoon has embodied what cartoons used to be like when they were thought out and had plot. This not only caters to those of open-minded humor but also gives people a chance to laugh at something taboo. It may never reach the acceptance level of the common viewer, but those who are educated and are not instantly offended by the idea of religious comedy can surely look past the gratuitous content and accept it as a whole. Eternal rivalry, independent goals, and the vying for the attention of a female have always been grand ideals to pursue. This short makes no exception, putting the well-known icons of Christianity into an anthropomorphic form and generally having fun with them. I especially enjoy the smooth animation style and how the scenes dissolve into one another at the appropriate times. I think that others will find how surprisingly accurate the characters are depicted and the idea that this film doesn't have much issue at all with language barriers. It's not a children's cartoon, but definitely for those who grew up on them around the early 90's.
I have always been a fan of Judas. He is and always will be my favorite disciple. I wont go into why but this video starts its viewer on a divergent path with the passion story we know today. It does so by mocking the "cartoonish" representations we have created with figures who really had some very multidimensional to say.

Anyone seeing Mary in this video will immediately wish to some very nasty things to her and the tale confirms that she will probably enjoy all of them. And she may teach you a thing or two.

I encourage you to EXPERIENCE this video. Then figure out not what it is trying to accomplish but what has it stirred in you.

It is also entertaining, well animated... and NSFW. Except I watch it at work... so whatever.
"Judas & Jesus" is a 15-minute animated short film from 2009, so only two more years until this one has its 10th anniversary. The writer and director is Olaf Encke and this is one of his more known efforts so far. We will see if he manages a full feature film at some point. Until then, we got this one, the story of Judas and Jesus with both characters being portrayed by wolves with many many sheep around them. I wonder if that is also a statement what the maker (no pun intended) thinks about the Bible. Anyway, things get complicated in the sense of temptation when a creature that is half devil and half temptation crosses Judah's path. And she is just as promiscuous as her appearance would suggest, even the boss of a local swingers club. this is a crass, over-the-top little movie that is really scared of nothing, especially when it comes to sexuality. The story is fine, the animation is pretty good too. I think it was a decent watch and I recommend this German production. Dialogue is pretty much non-existent, so you can watch it wherever you are from and don't need subtitles. I would not say it was a great watch, but there's many worse ways to spend a quarter of an hour. Unless you are really religious and/or easily offended, go check it out.