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Race to Redemption
Race to Redemption (2016)
  • Director:
    Teddy Smith
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sean Huze,Gianna Montelaro
  • Cast:
    Danielle Campbell,Luke Perry,Aiden Flowers
  • Time:
    1h 22min
  • Year:
After losing her father, a young woman must find the strength to face her fears and compete in the race of her life or her family will lose everything.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Danielle Campbell Danielle Campbell - Hannah
Luke Perry Luke Perry - Gentry
Aiden Flowers Aiden Flowers - Rudy
Candice Michele Barley Candice Michele Barley - Anne
Amy Brassette Amy Brassette - Susie
Thomas Francis Murphy Thomas Francis Murphy - Darden
Lance E. Nichols Lance E. Nichols - Dr. Sanders
Jeremy Sande Jeremy Sande - Jeffery
Tony Senzamici Tony Senzamici - Sheriff Wagmann
Wes Lagarde Wes Lagarde - Ron
Miles Doleac Miles Doleac - Carter
Dean J. West Dean J. West - Donny
Leticia Jimenez Leticia Jimenez - Ami
Joseph Rene Joseph Rene - Dr. Smith
William Mason Wright William Mason Wright - Tyler

Race to Redemption (2016)
Race to Redemption is quite a decent movie. You might even like it a lot if it did not had the weak script.

Let me write about the good things first. Although the actors and actresses did not depict a great acting skills but they gave their one hundred percent in the film. They tried their best to act natural which I admired the most about the movie. The movie tracks are good, they perfectly match to the scenes, the location was great and the camera work was also commendable.

Now thing that I did not like. The movie has a very weak script with some terrible dialogues. They deliver the same dialogue twice in the same scene, as if there is nothing to. Hello! you already said that, is there any lack of words in the English dictionary. And The script tried to set up every character with some other character by forcefully creating unnecessary characters, which was not needed at all. And there was no story build up either in the script, things were just happening one after another without creating any interest in the viewer's mind.

So to round up, this is definitely not a must watch movie. but if you have some spare time then you can give it a try.
I wish I could give a better review of this movie but I just can't. I'm really not sure what caused the horribly painful to watch acting but I think it was the script and the director/producer. I've seen Luke Perry and Danielle Campbell act and they are better than they were in this movie. This could have been a really great and moving film and it's a shame that it wasn't. I like Danielle Campbell and Luke Perry which is why I watched the film in the first place. There should have been more real emotion. I've seem both actors give better performances. The horse riding was awful. The dialogue was fake it seemed trite. Very disappointed. Too bad it can't be remade with a better script and directors/producers. This could have been a really good movie, shame it wasn't
So, after watching this film, I have to say that it was very good! By no means is it Oscar worthy, but, there was no profanity, no violence and thank goodness, no nudity! I enjoyed it!