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El color de la guayaba
El color de la guayaba (2010)
  • Director:
    Luis Caballero
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Luis Caballero
  • Cast:
    Magali Carrasquillo,Myrna Casas,Sully Diaz
  • Time:
    1h 11min
  • Year:
Bautista is a taxicab driver that has been rented by a woman named Ada. Ada wants him to drive her to the other side of the island with the condition that he doesn't take any other passengers and that he drives her to get some guavas. During the trip, Bautista, a driver for more than 44 years, becomes a storyteller. He tells Ada different stories that he has heard all related to the exotic guava fruit. These stories -some about butterflies or fairies, others about lonely madwomen, little people, and witchcraft-begin to take life while Bautista tells them, giving us a whimsical touch of magical realism with a Caribbean twist, and showing how fragile the circumstances these characters live are.
Credited cast:
Magali Carrasquillo Magali Carrasquillo - Esther Del Rosario
Myrna Casas Myrna Casas - Ada
Sully Diaz Sully Diaz - Emilia
Jacqueline Duprey Jacqueline Duprey
Efraín López Neris Efraín López Neris - Bautista
Idenisse Salamán Idenisse Salamán - Mercedes

El color de la guayaba (2010)