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Romeo and Mary
Mary Tyler Moore Romeo and Mary (1970–1977)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Peter Baldwin
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    James L. Brooks,Allan Burns
  • Cast:
    Mary Tyler Moore,Edward Asner,Valerie Harper
  • Time:
  • Year:
Rhoda sets Mary up on a blind date, the two who are to double date with Rhoda and her date, Lowell. Mary's blind date is Warren Sturges, Lowell's friend. Because of that fact, Rhoda knows that both she and Mary will have a terrible time because Lowell mentions that Warren is just like him. Rhoda fails to tell Mary that Lowell, and by association, Warren is boorish, until just before their arrival for the date. By the end of the evening, Mary tells Warren in no uncertain terms that there is no future for them. However, Warren has the exact opposite reaction: he has fallen in love with her. Warren pulls one crazy stunt after another to win Mary's heart, but Mary is too afraid to confront him in fear of making a scene. So when Warren's stunts suddenly stop, Mary lies and waits for what she believes will be the big doozy stunt of all stunts.
Episode cast overview:
Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore - Mary Richards
Edward Asner Edward Asner - Lou Grant
Valerie Harper Valerie Harper - Rhoda Morgenstern
Gavin MacLeod Gavin MacLeod - Murray Slaughter
Ted Knight Ted Knight - Ted Baxter
Stuart Margolin Stuart Margolin - Warren Sturges
Bo Kaprall Bo Kaprall - Lowell
Joe Warfield Joe Warfield - Peter
Barbara Brownell Barbara Brownell - Peggy

Mary Tyler Moore Romeo and Mary (1970–1977)

The poem (actually, it's a limerick - the difference being a limerick is 5-line rhyme, and almost always naughty) which Ted claims to have written, about a hermit named Dave, goes in full like this; 'There once was a hermit named Dave -Who kept a dead whore in his cave - "I know it's a sin," He said with a grin, "But think of the money I save!'

Actor Stuart Margolin, who plays Warren brilliantly (?), was such a hit, MTM wanted to use Margolin more, but he was soon signed as a semi-regular to another well-loved series, which premiered at the time this episode initially aired; The Rockford Files (1974).

I know that I am writing this in 2017, but I'd forgotten how uncomfortable this episode made me, even when it first aired. Stuart Margolin (who we probably remember from "The Rockford Files) meets Mary on a blind date. He immediately "falls" for her and begins to harass her. No matter what she says, he won't go away. He puts up a billboard with their names on it. He handcuffs her so she has to go to lunch. On and on. This is really sick behavior. She begins to not answer her phone or go out of her apartment except for work. Even the finale, which I guess is supposed to be embarrassing to Mary, is not very satisfying. And it's all because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings.