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Her Infidelity
Her Infidelity (2015)
  • Director:
    Christie Will Wolf
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Alan Donahue,Christie Will Wolf
  • Cast:
    Rachel Hunter,Clayton Chitty,Lane Edwards
  • Time:
    1h 23min
  • Year:
Fearing her husband is cheating, a woman falls into the arms of her sons mysterious and attractive teacher. After a one night stand, the teacher's lust turns into a deadly obsession uncovering dark secrets from the past. Still trying to cover up her infidelity, Lily struggles to avoid Grayson's advances and actions that turn deadly.
Credited cast:
Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter - Lily Helms
Clayton Chitty Clayton Chitty - Grayson Kendall
Lane Edwards Lane Edwards - Peter
Miranda Frigon Miranda Frigon - Ellie
Chelan Simmons Chelan Simmons - Courtney Brixton
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Doron Bell Doron Bell - Cop
Beverley Elliott Beverley Elliott - Sophie
Carter Ryan Evancic Carter Ryan Evancic - Ash (as Carter Evancic)
Daniella Evangelista Daniella Evangelista - Rose Kendall
Christina Jastrzembska Christina Jastrzembska - Mrs. Jenkins
Bailey Skodje Bailey Skodje - Beth Kendall
Barbara Wallace Barbara Wallace - Edith
Loretta Walsh Loretta Walsh - Wendy
Nelson Wong Nelson Wong - Doctor

Her Infidelity (2015)
Even by LMN standards this movie was a complete disaster! Every aspect of it was amateurish especially the script. There were so many plot holes, one has to imagine that a lot of film was left on the editing room floor. As far as the plot, it's your typical storyline of a wife who suspects her husband of cheating so she cheats herself. The only problem though is the script is written so badly that nothing in the entire movie makes any sense. The acting was some of the worst I've ever seen. Everyone involved in making this movie must have been embarrassed with the finished product. It's had to believe that after viewing this that LMN allowed it to be air rather that tossing it in the trash can.
Was surprised to realized this is a recent movie produced. I was browsing through my movie list and the plot sounded good. A cliché but still a good plot for a really great psychological thriller. However 20 minutes into the film, oh dear. What started out as disbelief at the really bad acting or rather over acting from Rachel Hunter in her pathetic attempt to create tension. The bad script didn't help either. And Rachel making one bad choice after another in trying to create the drama, seriously pathetic.

The whole time I'm watching, it's extremely frustrating to watch scene after scene of amateur, pathetic acting. So so disappointing. Glad I didn't pay money to watch this.
First odd thing you'll notice about this promising plot is Rachel Hunter's unconvincing American accent. It's so unstable and so bad when it's off that you wonder who thought it was necessary to make the movie work. Probably an American who finds foreign accents strange? Then you'll find that the women in this world have nothing better to do than spread their legs for the hot teacher. Yep, all the women have one taste and they have nothing better to do, including the married ones. Then there are the stupid decisions requisite of a slasher horror film, but this is supposed to be a psychological thriller. Well, I guess the writer couldn't find a way to make the story work otherwise.

And of course there's the title. The plot is more sympathetic to the woman than the title would suggest, though.
This is one tragic mistake made by LMN and the writer, director and cast. It is almost a joke from beginning to end.

Rachel Hunter is awful and walks through the movie like something horrible is about to happen. She weakens the plot by her over acting and jumping at every noise she hears. Her husband tries but doesn't work well with Hunter. In fact she looks much older then he. And lover boy looks like a wax museum character.

Now suddenly this frightened to death Hunter stalks the woods carrying a baseball bat to attack the villain. And of course, typical LMN style, when Hunter gets caught by stone face, she knees him in the balls to escape. I would love it if once just once some guy would knee a woman in the groin. I love it when he catches up with her and throws her around. She really is pathetic in this and quite idiotic in all her decisions as to what to do.

No one earns any merit in this trashy film, except maybe the children who act like children and not loonies. But to this viewer Rachel Hunter ruins this film with her over acted performance. However, I don't think another actor could do much better with the silly script.

Can one give a minus vote? Mine would be -10. Sorry folks.
While viewing this film, I was thinking that I was back with "Gaslight."

A PTA president has a one night stand with her young son's elementary school teacher, a handsome guy and new to the school. She does this after she believes her constantly traveling husband on business is having an affair. Of course, she soon learns that this was not the case.

The teacher keeps showing us wearing the masks he discusses with children in the classroom.

Even the principal of the school looks and sounds like the elementary school principal of the 1950s.

We are left wondering whether or not our teacher actually killed his wife and daughter who supposedly died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The latter may have been needed to kill off this film.

The PTA moms are instead a bunch of sexually oriented females either looking to snare the guy or to pawn him off on someone else.
I don't make a point to watch Lifetime movies because they all suck, but sometimes when there's nothing else on like on a Sunday I find myself getting sucked into it one once in a while.

"Her Infidelity" is one of the worst Lifetime movies I've ever had the misfortune of watching. Where do I begin!? The acting is horrid and amateurish. It's actually so bad it's funny. Rachel Hunter has an accent and then doesn't and then does and then doesn't. lol The story is so boring and there's no substance. The script is laughable, the situations are unrealistic, the sets are cheap as hell, and every character is ANNOYING.

You would do better watching anything else besides this. Really. Anything.
Former wife of Rod Stewart and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Rachel Hunter together with Clayton Chitty and Lane Edwards star in this Lifetime TV movie entitled "Her Infidelity".

This television film is tells the story of a beautiful wife who suspects that her husband is committing adultery.But things turn around when the said woman falls in love with the charming and handsome teacher of her son.They spend one night together through an awkward situation.But the said teacher happens to be mentally disturbed and becomes extremely obsessed with her.Trying to avoid him and with the teacher taking "no" for an answer,he completely harassed her no end until the teacher needs to be stopped in the end after he becomes deadly.

This was definitely a poor TV movie.It was simplistic as it was full of plot holes.Added to the poor screenplay,we are also treated to a poor characterizations of the story with their actions and objectives.Finally,the issues of adultery was treated simply like a joke.In the end,one would surely put this off or transfer to another channel with this shown on TV.