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The Big Reveal
Blindspot The Big Reveal (2015– )
TV Episode
Reade confronts Zapata, while the team follows a lead to a potential cure for Jane.
Episode cast overview:
Sullivan Stapleton Sullivan Stapleton - Kurt Weller
Jaimie Alexander Jaimie Alexander - Jane Doe
Rob Brown Rob Brown - Edgar Reade
Audrey Esparza Audrey Esparza - Tasha Zapata
Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson - Patterson
Ennis Esmer Ennis Esmer - Rich Dotcom
Tori Anderson Tori Anderson - Blake Crawford
Chad Donella Chad Donella - Jake Keaton
Britne Oldford Britne Oldford - Claudia Murphy
Jen Richards Jen Richards - Sabrina Larren
Patricia Richardson Patricia Richardson - Dr. Nora Lee Roga
Allen McCullough Allen McCullough - Christian Kearns
Evan Todd Evan Todd - Clay Roga
Erik McKay Erik McKay - Reggie

Blindspot The Big Reveal (2015– )

The production code was T30.10060.

Blindspot's brilliance is back. After a series of underperforming episodes, they finally bring back an episode full of twists and turns right from the first minute. It's thrilling, suspenseful, the reveal is emotionallyy satisfying and nothing in this episode is bad one bit. Absolutely loved it. Episodes like these are why I'm still watching this show!
Nice to see the Zapata storyline playing out nicely here.

Overall, decent character work even if the main plot here was just okay.
An ok episode, with some good storylines with Zapata being resolved. The whole storyline with Jane and her zip should really be resolved soon, I think this was the perfect time to end it, I hope it doesnt drag on to long. The scenes with Jane and Rich were really good. Episode could of had some more action: Maybe Patterson fight one of the gunmans or Jane jump and take down one of them.

Overall ok ep: Some good scenes, twists, however some storylines still need to have a tighten and ep needs more action.