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Tumhari Sulu
Tumhari Sulu (2017)
  • Director:
    Suresh Triveni
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Suresh Triveni
  • Cast:
    Vidya Balan,Manav Kaul,Neha Dhupia
  • Time:
    2h 30min
  • Year:
Vidya Balan (Sulochana a.k.a. Sulu) essays the role of a beautiful, enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky Mumbai housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the exciting job of a night RJ (radio jockey) on a leading radio station.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Vidya Balan Vidya Balan - Sulochana / Sulu
Manav Kaul Manav Kaul - Ashok
Neha Dhupia Neha Dhupia - Maria
Vijay Maurya Vijay Maurya - Pankaj
Malishka Mendonsa Malishka Mendonsa - RJ Albeli Anjali
Abhishek Sharrma Abhishek Sharrma - Pranav (as Abhishek Sharma)
Mahesh Pillai Mahesh Pillai - School Principal
Sindhu Shekharan Sindhu Shekharan - Aradhana
Seema Taneja Seema Taneja - Kalpana
Ajoy Chakraborty Ajoy Chakraborty - Brother-in-law 1
Mandeep Kumar Mandeep Kumar - Brother-in-law 2
Ayushmann Khurrana Ayushmann Khurrana - Himself (special appearance)
Santanu Ghatak Santanu Ghatak - Sanjay / Music Composer
Trupti Khamkar Trupti Khamkar - Lady Driver
Uday Lagoo Uday Lagoo - Sulu's Father

Tumhari Sulu (2017)

In Lage Raho Munnabhai Vidya Balan was trained by RJ Malishka for her role.In Tumhari Sullu both the actors share the screen space as RJ's.

While the shooting was in process.A promotional audio of Vidya Balan as RJ would play in Mumbai local trains.

Torex cough syrup had also made an advertisement of Vidya Balan playing and RJ and using Torex syrup to control her cough while the show is on air.

Neha Dhupia won her very first award as best supporting actor at star screen awards.

Not only the second time Vidya Balan plays the role of an RJ, after Lage Raho Munna Bhai, but, Just like in LRMB, Vidya Balan's Character was famous for her greeting style. In LRMB it was "Good Morninnnnnnnnnnnnng Mumbai" and in Tumhari Sulu it was "Hello(in a sexy voice)"

Sridevi's famous song Hawa Hawai from Mr India 1987 was re created .Where in Vidya Balan said there is no comparison to the original Sridevi song to hers as the original song is a class version.

Debut film of RJ Malishka Mendonsa of Red FM 93.5.

Vidya Balan plays and RJ for second time earlier she played an RJ in Lage Raho Munnabhai 2006.

Vidya Balan hosts an early morning show as RJ in Lage Raho Munnabhai 2006.In this film she hosts late night show as an RJ.

Originally film's release date was 1 December 2017.But Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to release Padmavati on that date due to censor troubles.Padmavati had several date changes and released on 25th January 2018.

Second film in which Vidya Balan will be playing a Radio Jockey in her career, first being Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Second time Vidya Balan plays a role of RJ previously she played an RJ in Rajkumar Hirani's Lage Raho Munnabhai in 2006

First film to pair Manav Kaul and Vidya Balan.

Film was Preponed for release from November 24 2017 to November 17 2017.

A Vidya Balan starer film has been released Today. I am a big fan of Vidya. Also, I have huge respect for Manav Kaul as a writer as well as an actor. So, I went for the first day first show! Name a recent film which has good message. Also, it should have finest performances, simple yet engaging story, more than five memorable moments, a song to be remembered, emotional touch, hilarious scenes, characters from surroundings, woman-centric theme, description of how to maintain good relationship with spouse, fresh content & India's best actress in the lead! You have to think more than more :p But after watching this, I guarantee you that you will get satisfaction in all the above criteria.

Vidya Balan has played many characters which are still used by fans while terming her. Another one is just added in the kitty. No one can play Sulu better or even closer to Vidya Balan. She is expressive, loud, smooth, simple, engaging, in short a perfect match to that character! Manav Kaul is supporting her fully. This pair is this year's coolest pair. He delivers a splendid performance. Whether you talk about office scenes or bedroom scenes, he is just superb. Ban Ja Tu Rani is making him a star apart from an actor.

Neha Dhupia & Vijay Maurya give good support. All other are suitable. Character build up has been done superbly. Every caller as well as the lady driver, each character speaks something and adds to the film. That is really rare.

There are several scenes which are totally hilarious. Ashok played by Manav reads a message on phone, and says 'Yaar ye Dr. Batra KO kaise pa-ta chal jata Ha ki Baal jhad rahe hain! Messages aane lage hain!' Hahaha. Also, this one is my favorite, when in excitement Manav buttons up his shirt and starts to rotate it, and suddenly coins started falling from it in the bedroom! For me, It was The Most! Although, Suresh Triveni has given a film of the year if I would say so. Because, I am expecting that it will surely do good business. I was watching some public reviews on YouTube, and everyone is praising it like giving more than 3.5 stars. Some are saying five out of five. Twitter is full of praises too. Vidya will be remembered as Sulu for many years.

In the time, where a woman is being threatened by some people for saying something in the favor of her film, Tumhari Sulu is a must watch. It will help you to think about woman in a more subtle way. Real woman empowerment is what this film says. Feminism is what this film says. Do husbands let their wives to work at radio in night show or even as a driver of OLA? Film says so much but this post is I am feeling too small. Not only men, but the whole society has to give space to women and their thoughts as well as choices. Forget about rest of the world, start changing individually. We want more Sulu and more Ashok in society for better future.

Come and see how far or close you are to be Sulu or her husband Ashok. Positive vibes, excellent message, fantastic performances. No violence, no below the belt. Just a few tear drops and a big smile. Year's best till date. So, 9/10.
After Lage raho Munna Bhai, RJ Vidya Balan is back with maturity and positive attitude towards life. Writer and director Suresh Triveni has added beautiful moments from common man's life. Great Good-Night punches through out. Manav and Neha are another big pillar of this movie. Women empowerment and fighter spirit is another key area of the cinema. Music was good especially Tu meri Rani.

Good: Must watch for middle class couples

Bad: Direction and Script was dull in second half especially at climax.
Mitars Riders
Mitars Riders
Vidya Balan as Sulochna made a awesome acting, in fact it is unforgettable. Other actors are too good, Otherwise some people are sending negative replies can be the reason of it's story. Anyway if you watch this movie on a boring afternoon, It will make your entire day. The story is sometime slow that is why you may feel bored..!! Overall the movie is full of emotions including fun... Both is in same time If you miss this movie, never mind you will definitely watch this movie after watching it receiving awards
TUMHARI SULU REVIEW : When i saw it's Trailer i was like, OMG this is daily happening story and why no one made film on this topic before in bollywood? Since i was excited to see something new in the film let me tell you that hasn't happened, this film surpassed all ordinary expectations but nothing new or special, still it has all the elements to be called a Decent to Good Film.

Vidya Balan's Natural Acting left me with strong impact and i think she will definitely receive Best Actress nominations in Indian award shows. This should be called Manav Kaul's debut film in a lead role, despite being an lady oriented film his role is almost like a lead hero in film and he gave justice to his character. Other star cast is okay at their level.

Screenplay is Decent, run time could have been trimmed by 10-12 minutes. Excluding that film has no bore moments, it's throughout entertaining and engaged. It makes you laugh, keeps you hooked and has emotions too.

Music is Average, Ban Ja Rani is a Hit, all Other songs are average yet situational and are picturised very well.

Cinematography is below par. As this is a realistic plot i was expecting some regular angles and frames but this one goes filmy.

Direction and Writing is done by Triveni and it deserves appreciation for this unique idea. Film doesn't lose it's grip from the start to end except few dull moments and songs in between and that all credit goes to Triveni.

Overall, Tumhari Sulu is a Decent film and should be watched by all Housewives and husbands together. This might leave you with some message on life, even if doesn't give you any message still it worths you ticket purchase for good entertaining elements. At Box Office this film might find tough because appeal is very limited and competition is not in limit, though it will do an Average business for sure, no one can stop a Good Cinema from getting a success. I give 6/10* stars to this well crafted unique story and admires makers for their daring.
A story that could have taken a very dramatic turn has been handled very well that it fits perfectly as a feel-good film for the housewives of India. Vidya Balan has been praised as one of the best actresses in Bollywood so many times with so many adjectives over the years that nothing more is to be said. Never going preachy, sentimental or tries to satisfy societies' patriarchy but keep check of the pragmatic possibilities, this is the kind of progressive film that satisfies most kind of people.
Funny duck
Funny duck
Worth spending 2+ hours on this refreshing flick. The story is similar to a modern-day fairy tale.

Vidya, as the carefree house-wife, who wants to do something different is refreshing. Manav Kaul as the doting husband & father who is frustrated at work, has a very understated performance. Felt like Neha's performance as Maria was quite a caricature.
There were times Bollywood used to make simple and warm stories on lives of middle class family in Mumbai. Films like Baaton Baaton Mein, Chhoti Si Baat or Sansar touched the audience hearts as you could connect with real-life characters. Tumhari Sulu is like a breath of fresh air with superb performance by Vidya Balan.

Tumhari Sulu tells the story of Sulochna who loves to try out new things in life. However, her life changes when she gets the opportunity to become a Radio Jockey for a late-night call show.

First time director, Suresh Triveni, chooses a niche subject to make his Bollywood debut and comes out with a fruitful result. Right from the opening scene, the film will instantly connect you with the real-life characters. The story of a middle class family depicted in Mumbai along with their daily life struggle and happiness is heart-warming and yet convincing. Few scenes will grab your eyeballs- the audition of Vidya Balan at the Radio station, the confrontation between Manav Kaul and Vidya Balan when she gets her first salary and Vidya Balan making her first call as Radio Jockey is spellbinding and memorable. Unfortunately, the script loses the steam in the second half and weak climax plays the spoilsports. Few scenes looks forced which slows down the momentum it built in the first half.

Editing could have been better. Art direction and Cinematography is decent while the music is a plain average. Dialogues are powerful while background is just about okay. The captain of the ship is none other than Vidya Balan. The supremely talented just brings life into the film with electrifying performance. She is equally supported by Manav Kaul who throws in a good surprise. Neha Dhupia and Vijay Maurya provides in adequate support.

Overall, a well-made film with a weak second half. Thank god, Vidya Balan was there to save my day. Good 3/5
Boring movie with pointless story and meaningless ending! Overrated and overhyped. Not sure how such a movie ended up with 7 stars. As the movie progressed, Sulu's "helloooo" kept on becoming intolerable. Please don't waste time watching this movie. Rather watch the trailer if you are a big VB fan. Giving 4 stars only for good acting by male lead.
What a Performance By Vidya Balan..She is Cute , Talented , Good Humour etc.., Co-star also Done Well...Credits to Director too...
After long time i feel vidya balan cuteness. She act so beautiful in this movie. Also her husband & son in a movie acted so well. Loved it
A feminism based movie with a plot that revolves around the idea or the thought process of every enthusiast or educated indian female home maker's mind, it is just simply based off of their life. Vidya Balan's acting skills were just top notch, cannot imagine anybody else in this role after have watched her doing it, she simply steals the show and ofcourse the movie just revolves around her. It was overall somewhat engaging/entertaining and made me think from/about a different side aka women's perspective. I'd still argue that still it could've been better by making it somewhat spicy with more twists/turns or atleast more emotional or atleast more comedial. The casual Neha's & other employees in the FM studios' roles were a huge plus.
Super movie - both laughed and cried throughout it
Vidya Balan returns to tremendous form in 'Tumhari Sulu'. This box-office hit, that rightly earned Balan many accolades, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actress, rides on the actress's firm shoulders to camouflage its thin story. While Balan shines as Sulu, the film never reaches beyond the ordinary.

'Tumhari Sulu' Synopsis: Sulu is an ambitious housewife with a loving husband and a happy family. Things start changing for her when she accidentally lands a job as a radio jockey and her show becomes an instant hit.

'Tumhari Sulu' is about a common women's triumph, told with honesty. I do applaud the makers to make a film about a women, who doesn't have a size-zero figure or is even remotely shown as an activist fighting for women's rights, but of a women, who leads a simple life & how she triumphs on the merit of her talent.

BUT, 'Tumhari Sulu' settles for mediocrity. Sulu's tale has honesty, but overall, the story lacks meat. The sub-plot involving her husband (The Wonderful Manav Kaul) isn't very engaging & even Sulu's life post her success as a radio jockey, isn't high on energy. Sure, some moments here are all heart & soul, but as a whole, 'Tumhari Sulu' is an ordinary story.

Suresh Triveni's Screenplay is half-baked. His Direction, on the other-hand, is simplistic, yet effective. Cinematography & Editing are fair. The Soundtrack is excellent.

And now of course, to Sulu herself. Balan gets into the skin of the character & delivers a rock-solid performance. Balan is the beating heart of this so-so film. Its no surprise that Balan is considered as one of the best of our times.

On the whole, 'Tumhari Sulu' is a Vidya Balan show all the way. For her alone, watch it.
one life
one life
Tumhari Sulu is afilm co-written and directed by Suresh Triveni. This film was on my watchlist for a very long time and finally I happened to watch it and I can say it was a very good attempt.

Plot: Sulochana (Sulu) decides to become an RJ in a night talk show.

Story and direction: Knowing that Vidya Balan was in this film, I just had to watch it. And I felt good after watching the film. The film captures Mumbai in the most realistic way as possible. It shows the common man's household with such aptness. Since I have stayed in Mumbai for quite some time, I could very easily connect with the environment Suresh tried to create. Each character of the film felt taken out from real life. The tensions, happiness, sadness, support all these came across in a correct way. Most of the credit goes to Suresh's writing and his way of thinking. Also the scenes in the radio office were shown correctly. The main flaws that I felt were the familiarity of the topic. This is the kind of film that was seen before and it felt nothing new. Also it stumbled onto some genre clichés. Apart from that, the film felt a bit stretchy. I felt the concentration was more on the drama part. Having these reduced, the film would have had more of an effect.

Performances: Vidya Balan is a powerhouse performer and she is just right. The nuances that she caught of a normal housewife are impeccable. Same can be said for Manav Kaul. Neha Dhupia delivered an amazing performance. Malishka was great too. Giving the fact that she is an RJ in real life too helped a lot in this film. Vijay Maurya (who also writes some dialogues for this film) deserves a special mention. Last but not the least, I feel like mentioning Abhishek Sharma as he was a good performer too.

Songs: Since T-Series is the producer, it was meant that multiple music directors and one remake were going to be there. But that doesn't mean the songs were not good. I would say that it didn't provide anything substantial to the film. And there was really no need to recreate 'Hawaa Hawaai'.

Favorite Scene: It would be the one where Sulu joins the first day. She does some things during that scene that were very funny and unexpected. Also the expressions of the other people present during that scene were to look out for.

Verdict: This film is just Vidya Balan all the way. Her charm and charisma are to look out for and they are seriously contagious. As I said before, with a little tweaking the film would have worked wonders. But as a first timer, Suresh Triveni did a wonderful job.

I am going with a 7.5/10.
Very good movie bie.......................................
Awesome story , love the direction and ofcourse awesome acting ... After a long time Dill Khus Movie !!
Vidya Balan doesn't need to prove she has acting chops. To the discerning eye, glimpses of her in Euphoria's Gully music video or the Parineeta trailer are enough proof. In a film about Sulu then, it feels utterly unnecessary to have scenes that serve the actor, rather than the film itself.

Sulu's husband is played by Jajantaram Mamantaram's Manav Kaul, who I was happy to see after so long. He does a good job of whatever limited screen time he's given, especially in the hit song Ban Ja Rani. Even Neha Dhupia glimmers in her pseudo-glamorous role of a radio station boss.

Balan has played a radio jockey before (Munnabhai 2). Here, it's her Dirty Picture character brought into the mic booth. What is an interesting idea for a story makes for a very slow movie because of scenes that could be cut short.

The love between Sulochna and her husband never feels forced and is handled delicately, given that there's always a kid at home. If you to came to see Balan, you get her in leaps and bounds. But, you get her in ordinary, boring scenes that drag on and on. The husband and child are given decently progressive arcs for their stories where they actually go through things (husband through a new boss and a threat to his job at the company he's been loyal to for 12 years, the kid spoiled and bullied and fighting to gain approval).

Balan gets no such arc. First, she's a housewife who really wants to do something with her life. Then, she gets a job as a radio jockey. That's pretty much it. There's the usual melodrama you'd expect in a movie that follows a middle-class family.

What's missing is the real pizzaz you'd expect out of a film about an RJ who plays a sensual lady anyone can talk to. Sulu's sexy voice is great to hear, only she isn't given many scenes to truly shine. We have to make-do with less than 5 scenes of her on the job, which is sad because her tear-jerking resignation is the longest scene in the whole film.

Yes, she spends more time quitting her job than doing it. As an audience, you aren't quite sorry for Sulu as she does it. This is simply because we never see what the journey was like or what it meant to her.

In one of the best scenes that shows how much potential having the RJ on air could have had, Sulu gets a call from an old man who lost his wife, also called Sulu, to old age. When Sulu talks to the man and calls him Sudha like his wife used to, you cannot help tearing up yourself with bittersweet happiness. This scene only proves how wasteful the other scenes were.

What would have saved the movie was this Sulu - more scenes on the radio, children calling Sulu aunty, angry women calling her to complain about their husbands, young girls calling her for real advice on life or men or both, men calling her to learn how to deal with strong women they like - ah, the possibilities. I'd even be ok with some sort of a moral lecture in there if it meant I could get more scenes on the radio.

But for now, I think a better title for the movie would be "Mostly Sulochna".
There comes a time in an actor's career when they reinvigorate their image by giving the best performance of their life. Vidya Balan is that actor in Tumhari Sulu, director Suresh Triveni's debut full-length feature film. She plays a 30-something homemaker whose life revolves around the chores of her house and taking care of her two pillars - a young son and a timorous husband played by the talented Manav Kaul. She dreams of making it big in life by doing whatever she can get her hands onto as she finds joy in everything. Despite a series of bickering (that may have started since her childhood) by her family members, she finally takes the plunge and decides to work as a radio jockey for a late-night somewhat adult show. How that affects her life and the lives of her two pillars is what Tumhari Sulu is all about - giving the average audience insufficient fodder for thought. It is a highly predictable, and somewhat contrived story of a homemaker who takes up a job, but the beauty of the film is in its making. Director and writer Triveni has crafted a sweet story that is palpable to the core, with the right amount of ingredients for flavor. Supported by melodious music (and songs) and some of the best performances of the year by Balan, Kaul, and Neha Dhupia, Tumhari Sulu manages to bring tears in your eyes, thanks to its overtly melodramatic second half. There is enough to not like in the film, but Balan's presence on-screen makes Tumhari Sulu look like a dessert with a permanent supply of water. Indian viewers are going to find Tumhari Sulu highly relatable, which further makes it one of the better Bollywood films of 2017. Watch it with your mum. TN.
Phew! I am probably doing a proper movie review for the first time in about a year, first in 2017. Thus, I hope to get into the groove of it all through this review.

It's a movie which has a bit of everything in it and has its heart at the right place. As the name suggests, Sulu is Sulochana played by Vidya Balan who's a housewife and the youngest of the 3 sisters. The 2 elder sisters, both twins, are well educated, have gone to outstation audits and work in Bank whereas Sulu is regularly taunted for her inability to clear 12th even after 3 attempts.

Sulu is married to Ashok (Manav Kaul) who works in a shirt manufacturing company where all the other staff members are extreme adults. He gives medicines to the boss, stops fights between members and works for the betterment of the company. A change of guard at workplace leads to shambles later on. They have a son who's seemingly mischievous and the little happenings shown early on lay the foundation for a massive plot later on.

Coming to the story, Sulu is a housewife who is like any normal human being. She participates in many different contests and counts the items won to tell her husband about the savings made through it. During one such contest, she wins a pressure cooker and easily demands a TV as their TV isn't working since over 7 months now. While going to collect the prize, she discovers about an RJ hunt and aspires to give it a try. What transpires after that, how she adopts into this new routine, how she manages to keep a balance between family and work, how she overcomes the hindrances coming her way is what this movie is all about.

This is a very thoughtfully made film. Almost all the bits and pieces are put in place by the end of the movie. There is a relevance to each and every small incident be it about the son initially, the lift scene, work place chaos of Ashok etc. We can relate with it in many ways.

If a 4th fail Vijay Salgaokar goes all the way to save his family in Drishyam, a 12th fail Sulu shows us that you need to love yourself and have the belief within to succeed at life in Tumhari Sulu. When Sulu cuts vegetables while doing her show, it reminds us of Usha Ji from Office Office, the only difference being Sulu does it all by herself.

Direction and writing by Suresh Triveni is good. In this age, I am on the lookout for something different and meaningful. He's succeeded in doing it. Cinematography by Saurabh Goswami is really good, especially the set up at the radio office. I just loved the way it was presented all throughout. The pace as well as the length of the movie was fine except the fact that things seemed a bit rushed towards the end. Other than that, I have no issues with the editing of Shivkumar Panicker.

In a year where there have been only a few quality and melodious songs, I just loved the simplicity and charm of Rafu. It has simple, yet catchy and meaningful lyrics by Santanu Ghatak who has also composed the song. But the way in which Ronkini Gupta sings it takes it to another level. Other songs also go with the mood of the movie and seem decent. The skills of the performers in the song Farrata were commendable to say the least. The lady driver stating her husband initially missing him, later leaving him and that she loves Pakistani artists but doesn't play their songs as she isn't sure about the mentality of her passengers is a very good scene.

Coming to the performances, Vidya Balan as Sulu is the heart and soul of the movie. She's good as usual and strikes the right chord with her performance. Manav Kaul impresses once again, he's such a gem of an actor. His dialogue deliveries as well as expressions were superb. I loved each and every frame of Neha Dhupia as the radio head Maria in the movie. She looked adorable and performed brilliantly. Vijay Maurya as Pankaj was the one who impressed me a lot. His expressions were terrific and he proved to be a differential amongst the other quality actors.

One might feel it isn't that easy to become an RJ but sometimes, you do end up at the right place at the right time and things work out well for you. It isn't an easy job to give answers instantly while being on air and thousands tuned in to listen to you. The show Tumhari Sulu rocked big time and the way of speaking as an RJ is a highlight in itself.

All in all, Tumhari Sulu shows us that one should love their own self and not worry about the opinion of others. One should be ready to explore their horizons for success. The end seemed a bit rushed, would have loved a confrontation of Ashok with his boss at workplace but its fine. I will rate it 3.5/5.
Tumhari Sulu has been watched. I'd like to start by appreciating the producers for their taste in scripts. What a sensational debut by Ad films director Suresh Triveni. Simple is the hardest! This is one of the best scripts that surfaced recently. But then a lot of good scripts get ruined while execution. However, this one's an absolute winner!!

Vidya balan is a goddess!! Only she has the ability of adding layers to a well written author backed role and playing it to utter conviction!! It should be a research topic on how this woman lives each character she plays in the most genuine way!! Just how does she do this every time? Draws us into the world of each character she plays!! Along the lines of Sridevi she's emerging as one of the best female comedians of the nation!! What brilliant timing!

Although the second half gets a bit melodramatic Vidya elevates it several notches with her subtle performance so much so that when she cries you cry with her. Scenes where she talks to the widower and her emotional outburst when her missing son gets back stands out.

And the dashing Manav Kaul, finally a co-star who complements Vidya well! It takes sheer talent not to be overshadowed by by VB playing the lead. We can't imagine anyone else as Ashok. Like Vidya, he lives the character. He should do films more often. One can't review Tumhari Sulu and not talk about the sizzling chemistry beetween Vidya and Manav People hailing from middle class will see soo much of themselves or their parents in them. Soo relatable soo real! The kid who played their son is very convincing too.

The film also boasts a brilliant supporting cast. Maria played by Neha Dhupia is everyone's dream boss. I wonder why such a seasoned actor like her isn't seen on screen more often! Also what a classy gorgeous lady!! I wanted to see more of RJ Malishka in the film. I'm in love with her voice. My absolute favorite was Pankaj the creative head of the FM played by Vijay Maurya . What an expressive actor with great comic timing. He had me in splits most scenes. I also loved the adorable cabbie played by Trupti khamakha and Sulu's overbearing but loving twin sister Didi and Didi.

Final word Tumhari Sulu is a well written, brilliantly executed film with superlative genuine performances. As Sulu says "It's more important to keep the lemon on the spoon than win the race" Yes indeed! Sulu has the heart at the right place. It's as real n as relatable as it gets. Go watch with your families. For women to get empowered "Mein Kar Sakthi Hoo" and their families to know how to support them!!
I went to watch this movie with my wife. Expectations were low but since we were not able to find the tickets of any other decent movie on Sunday afternoon we decided to give this movie a shot.

I expected it to be slow sobbing movie, however it turned out to be very funny movie. Acting wise everyone did a decent job including Neha Dhupia, Sulu's Husband, Son, Poet.

Star of the movie is Vidya herself. She is very natural like a normal housewife who is desperate to do something in life (or should I say is forced to do something in life). With so many hobbies she is nearly attracted to everything she finds in the life to start a career.

Watch this movie if you want to have fun (not slapstick) and this movie also has a soft nice message. If you are married watch with your spouse.
Five years ago, Gauri Shinde in her directorial debut English VINGLISH told a wonderful story of an enterprising housewife. What's surprising is that there are millions of such women in India but very few films have been made on them. Suresh Triveni now takes up the challenge to talk about a housewife in TUMHARI SULU. But unlike English VINGLISH, this one is more light-hearted and funny. So does it manage to touch audiences and make them smile or does it disappoint? Let's analyse.

TUMHARI SULU is the story of an enterprising housewife who turns RJ with a late-night semi-adult radio show. Sulochana (Vidya Balan) is a homemaker in Mumbai and is happily married to Ashok (Manav Kaul) and also has a son, Pranav (Abhishek Sharrma). Sulochana has a strong desire to do something in life and not waste her time just serving her family. One day, she wins a pressure cooker on a radio show hosted by the popular RJ Albeli Anjali (Malishka Mendonsa). Sulochana goes to collect the cooker and happens to find out that the radio channel is looking for RJs. She approaches Maria (Neha Dhupia) who runs the radio station and tells her that she is interested. Maria gives her the late night slot and Sulochana is asked to run a semi-adult show. Sulochana starts working as an RJ and her show becomes a hit. How it leads to problems and madness in her life forms the rest of the film.

TUMHARI SULU commences beautifully and instantly sets the mood. The film is in the space of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee cinema and that's a plus point. However after the introduction of the principle characters, the pace and the interest levels drop. The first half is devoid of meat. It's only when Sulu decides to turn RJ and auditions for it is when the film becomes interesting. The second half is better as Sulu successfully runs the late night show. The manner in which Sulu balances her home as well as her job is nicely depicted. Also the way Sulu gets judged and taunted by her sisters comes across as very real. However, the pace of the film is very slow and that really affects the impact. Moreover the sudden success of Sulu's show looks a bit unreal. The 140 minute long film should have been 15-20 minutes shorter. The climax is ambiguous and should have been a bit simpler. However the final scene makes up for it.

Suresh Triveni's story is simple and extremely relatable. Suresh Triveni's screenplay is impressive in most scenes but gets a bit dragging in few sequences. Suresh Triveni's dialogues are realistic and witty at places. Special mention should also go to Vijay Maurya's additional screenplay and dialogues. Suresh Triveni's direction is uncomplicated and that works a lot for the film. The setting, the characters and their problems are as real as it gets and hence majority of the moviegoers would be able to connect with the goings on. But on the flipside, he takes his own sweet time to build up the story in the initial hour. The same happens in the middle of the second half too.

Vidya Balan is the soul of the film and she takes the film to another level altogether. This is her most accomplished work after KAHAANI and is bound to impress one and all. As the happy go lucky housewife, she gets into the skin of her character and performs with perfection. Manav Kaul looks dashing and compliments Vidya very well. He gets to play an interesting character and comes out with flying colours. Neha Dhupia looks glamorous and performs very well. Vijay Maurya (Pankaj) is hilarious in the first hour. Though he doesn't have much to do in the second half, he leaves a mark. Abhishek Sharrma is decent. Malishka Mendonsa is confident in a cameo. Ayushmann Khurrana appears in a scene and is endearing. Seema Taneja (Sulu's sister Aradhana) and Sindhu Shekharan (Sulu's sister Kalpabna) are very good. Sonel Singh (receptionist Girija) leaves a mark especially in her first scene. Santanu Ghatak (Sachin, Ashok's new pace) gives a convincing performance. Bhumika Dube (Gym receptionist) is fair while Trupti Khamkar (Ola driver) gets to essay a wonderful character and is memorable.

Talking of songs, 'Hawa Hawai 2.0' stands out and is well picturised. The next best is 'Ban Ja Rani' which has a realistic and endearing feel. 'Farrata' looks a bit out of place especially the shots of guys B-boying. 'Rafu' is soulful but gets a bit lost.

Karan Kulkarni's background score is novel and enhances the interest. Saurabh Goswami's cinematography is neat and satisfactory. Dhara Jain's production design is straight out of life and highly convincing. Shivkumar Panicker's editing should have been slicker. Rick Roy's costumes are very authentic, especially the sarees worn by Vidya Balan.

On the whole, TUMHARI SULU is a lovely, endearing tale though the long length and the slow pace of the film might play spoilsport.
It is story of a lower middle class family, female having desire to do something, her taunting relatives just for giving a catapult impact. Typical and convenient. Husband having limited income. He works for rude and humiliating boss. House wife, 12th fail as mocked by her own twin sisters, who were invited by female lead just to humiliate her? Why does anyone invite frequently such type of person I am unable to understand but makers forces it to add some drama. Couple having a kid for the sake of adding sub plot. Female lead just want to do anything, even thinks to start Taxi business but takes nothing seriously then why does she stick with the wish of being a RJ is quite confusing. Even the way Radio Station boss hires her is so abrupt. Couple kid does something wrong in school which does not go well with that meek child but it had to because somehow couple had to realize that their working style is spoiling their son. First half has some very realistic smiling moments with much details but second half is rock still. Pre climax speech by female lead is sleep inducing boring and meaningless. Performance wise Vidya Balan is just OK but poor in all emotional scenes . Manav Kaul as her husband Ashok is very good. Neha Dhupia as Maria is impressing in her brief role. Vijay Mauraya as poet Pankaj is fine.
Hǻrley Quinn
Hǻrley Quinn
7.5 is what I'd like to give this. After Kahaani, to me this was Vidya's best performance. This can't happen if the actor doesn't trust the director and his vision isn't clear. So three cheers to the writer- director who has clearly lived this world for a while before actually shooting. From the casting of the twin sisters, to using Vidya's body type to cast to, to getting the milieu of the characters right, to smaller details in art direction by Dhara Jain, there was so much to like in this film.

The lemon and spoon race telling us something about her priorities, how she views stabilities, risks, etc, her journey of finding her own space between a work life and home life as an ex homemaker....enjoyed it all.

There were portions that seemed like they slowed the pace down. But three parts made me feel like crying. When she sees her husband as the rickshaw-wala, when she beats and hugs her son at the same time and when Neha Dhupia finally asks her to do the 'Hello' thing and she runs away. gorgeous performance.

Neha Dhupia just blew my mind. I've never seen her in an acting part before and I was surprised to find that she's such a natural in a good role.

manav Kaul's characterisation was beautiful. Talks of a man trying to find in place amidst changing times and a destruction of gender roles. A beautful man. Performed well. Needless to say.

Even the kid was cast beautifully.

I hadn't gone to see the film for the first week. But then I went to see it in Gaiety-Galaxy. Stripped of all effect and fanfare, at Galaxy, in the balcony, I saw a film just for its story and performances, no sound design, no 5.1, no xenon projection etc. And fell for the film.

Thanks to the team. And yes, 'A film by Suresh Triveni and team' was a touch of class. Something I myself believe in.
Many a times we're unable to appreciate the various roles a woman plays in day to day life. It's not just limited to men, but even women themselves are too humble to admit the same or are unappreciative about the struggles that are there in someone else's life. Tumhari Sulu too is a story of one such woman who despite being the backbone of her family is blamed at various instances by others and herself for bending, twisting & turning on various occasions without realizing the fact that it's the role of the backbone to be flexible to ensure that the body doesn't get stiff. While she isn't perfect, yet she knows how to improvise to get the best out of the limited resources & strive a little more where she knows she's not as good as others.

Without any melodrama it also portrays the finer nuances of a typical middle class family which I'm sure most of us will be able to relate to and identify as ourselves at some stage or other. It also highlights that whether it's the relationship of spouses or responsibilities of parenthood or work-life balance or extended family pressure the cogwheels of life need to be in sync with each other all the time to ensure a smooth ride also accompanied by periodic overhauling to minimize the unavoidable & unexpected jerks.

It's Vidya Balan all the way with well supported by Manav Kaul who play their role with such ease that for the entire duration of 2.5 hours you actually feel that you're peeping inside the life of an actual family and watching them deal with every aspect & challenge of their day to day life. It's a fresh take on a life that is full of opportunities and where it's you who has to decide what suits you when & how and say "Main Kar Sakti Hai!"