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Aluna (2012)
  • Director:
    Alan Ereira
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  • Cast:
    Mama Manuel Coronado,Alan Ereira,Francisca Zarabata
  • Time:
    1h 29min
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The Kogi once traded with Maya and Aztecs. Their civilization still survives hidden on Colombia's highest mountain. They believe they are guardians of the world. Their leaders are trained from infancy in darkness to work by connecting with 'aluna', a cosmic consciousness. They perceive 'black lines' that connect special sites essential to life. In 1990, convinced that we were destroying the earth, they sent a warning through a British film-maker and then withdrew. They have now concluded that we cannot have grasped the warning and they have to explain it better if the world is to survive. So they recalled the film-maker and instructed him to film their demonstration of these connections, using 400km of gold thread. So begins a truly bizarre journey. We see people who have no wheel or writing, who know nothing of our world, seriously discussing dark energy with a leading astronomer and correctly identifying objects seen by the Hubble telescope. But as the journey gets under way they ...
Credited cast:
Mama Manuel Coronado Mama Manuel Coronado - Himself
Alan Ereira Alan Ereira - Himself
Francisca Zarabata Francisca Zarabata - Herself
Mama Shibulata Zarabata Mama Shibulata Zarabata - Himself

Aluna (2012)
White gold
White gold
This movie is such a powerful message from the elder indigenous tribe of the high mountains of the Andes in South America Colombia. There message is straight forward - we need to wake up and stop destroying the earth, stop over consuming and open up our hearts to live in harmony and co-creation with the natural and spirit worlds. Fascinating film everyone please spread the word about it, if everyone saw this movie we would be living in a totally different world!! I myself have had the opportunity to meet some of these beautiful elders in person. They are marvelous people that see themselves as the care takers and elder brother and elder sisters of all humanity and the world watching over us and working in the spiritual realms to maintain harmony. We all can learn a great deal from them. Times are so critical these days with the things going on in our environment and societies. May the pure preserved and uninfiltrated wisdoms of these wise teachers be heard by all of our hearts!!
I understand the Kogi people wanted to send a message to us: the "little brothers". Us are mostly non-initiated, meaning we don't understand nature, its laws. For a message of such quality to be understood by us, then, there has to be a "bridge", an adaptation. Our way of perceiving reality is different, because of our living: we need to grasp through ideas what they experience directly. They are way too high, spiritually speaking, and what is simple to "see", for them, for us might be unimaginable. By helping them to spread their message, Alan seems to be well intended, but one of the consequences of a non-initiated "directing" an initiated's message is that there is no adaptation: what the kogis wanted us to understand remains represented from a non-initiated's materialistic point of view (which is the way of the little brother, that's why he's little), adding, from my perspective, nothing new. Only someone born "here", within the matrix, and set free by them (or some other liberation path), is able to "translate" their message to a way understandable by us and, at the same time, with no loss of meaning. Aluna, while pointing out the necessity for a changing in our ways in order to preserve our home, stays in the plane of a mere informative, potentially unexploited. But I might be asking too much... Things are changing fast, and the non-initiated are becoming progressively initiated. Hope that in time, so we can avoid the critical to realize what we've been doing...