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A Bottled Romance
A Bottled Romance (1914)
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    Ruth Roland,George Larkin,John E. Brennan
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In a spirit of adventure, Helen, who is stopping at the beach, writes a note requesting the finder to meet her in front of the hotel.. The missive is placed in a bottle and set adrift. Bob, her sweetheart, learns of the incident and sets a dozen similar notes adrift. The following morning, Helen is astounded to find a dozen men from all walks of life waiting for her. Her flight takes her through the various amusement devices at the resort, winding up at a boat landing. Her pursuers all go overboard, and engage in a lusty battle in the shallow water. Bob comes to his sweetheart's rescue and carries her away.
Credited cast:
Ruth Roland Ruth Roland - Helen
George Larkin George Larkin - Bob - Helen's Sweetheart
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John E. Brennan John E. Brennan - (unconfirmed)
Marshall Neilan Marshall Neilan - (unconfirmed)

A Bottled Romance (1914)

Released as a split reel along with the comedy Too Many Johnnies (1914).

A yarn about a girl who sends out a, message in a bottle. Many would-be lovers turn up at the meeting point specified and there is a swift race through a seaside resort, numerous concessions being pressed into service, including the figure eight and miniature train. An entertaining number. - The Moving Picture World, March 7, 1914