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Tihi (Silent one)
Tihi (Silent one) (2011)
  • Director:
    Marko Cvejic
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Marko Cvejic
  • Cast:
    Andrija Tihi,Anica Tihi,Nina Tihi
  • Time:
  • Year:
Andrija Tihi is a man who lost his eyesight by a midwife accidentally, on the tenth day of of his birth. Today he is 70 years old. His life philosophy is that there is no lack which can not be compensated. Since long time ago he realized that not even seeing people are not ever-seeing, and that everyone has some kind of defect which in itself is not insurmountable, but the problem is how do you wear it. By nationality he is an optimist. This is a film about a man who won the battle with life, who does not fall under the weight which brings the life, but walks straight through it. Although his life was taken from him one of the most important gifts, however, this one celebrates the life and teach others how to honor him.
Credited cast:
Andrija Tihi Andrija Tihi - Himself
Anica Tihi Anica Tihi - Herself
Nina Tihi Nina Tihi - Herself

Tihi (Silent one) (2011)