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Bristi (1974)
  • Director:
    Deuti Barua
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Bindiya Goswami,Bishnu Kharghoria
  • Time:
    2h 2min
  • Year:
Credited cast:
Bindiya Goswami Bindiya Goswami
Bishnu Kharghoria Bishnu Kharghoria

Bristi (1974)
I start this with a statement of Hannibal Lecter, because I watched this movie probably 20 years ago, and memory is what I've now, while writing these comments here.

Bristi is one of the Best Assamese movies, and a path-breaker. As far as my understanding goes, Bristi along with Ganga Chilanir Pakhi, heralded the era of meaningful Assamese movies in the early 1970's.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Bristi as a movie was its bold theme, which was much ahead of time, at least as far as the Assamese society was concerned. I don't remember anymore who were the actors in this movie; but I clearly remember that Bishnu Kharghoria was brilliant in his role, and my fascination with his acting has grown steadily over the years. I've always considered him a very versatile actor,going by his portrayal of very diverse roles in movies such as Kallol, Banani, and Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door, and my view regarding his acting remains intact, even after watching some of the best movies made in this century by giants such as Satyajit Ray, Vittorio de Sica, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Francis Ford Coppola and Elia Kazan.