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Purgatory (2010)
  • Director:
    Stephen Ware
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Stephen Ware
  • Cast:
    Jade Blocksidge,Adrian Dobson
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A short story about a man, Jason Matthews, who has entered Purgatory, unsure of his destiny. The only person that can help him is a young girl called Death. Death and Jason need to find out why he is in purgatory, as you can only enter when both God and The Devil want you. With a bad streak, Death is intrigued to touch on Jason Matthew's bad side and exploits him through it. Annoyed at this, Jason shows a rare moment in anger to try and convince Death that his "mistakes" were always to a good cause. Jason Matthews never really did anything in his life, but when he came to purgatory, he was going to figure out the toughest question of his life. is he the criminal or the person who sacrificed everything?
Credited cast:
Jade Blocksidge Jade Blocksidge - Death
Adrian Dobson Adrian Dobson - Jason Matthews

Purgatory (2010)