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I Am Here
I Am Here (2016)
  • Director:
    Chris Tsalikis
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Max Hechtman,Alana Reilly
  • Cast:
    Lucas Iverson,Rachel Steiner,Ariana Osmanzai
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A young man, looking to start his life over moves into a new neighborhood. In his new home, he discovers a picture of a beautiful girl with an answering machine along side of it, revealing her cell phone number. As time passes by, his curiosity and affection of the girl grows and compels him to text the number. He eventually gets pulled into an unconventional relationship with the girl over text messages.
Cast overview:
Lucas Iverson Lucas Iverson - Milo
Rachel Steiner Rachel Steiner - Monica
Ariana Osmanzai Ariana Osmanzai - Desiree
Max De George Max De George - Joe
William Kratina William Kratina - Chris (Waiter)
Jimmy Gratta Jimmy Gratta - Co-Worker
Dylan Libby Dylan Libby - Randy

I Am Here (2016)

First film to be shot in East Meadow, NY since the 2011 live-action/animated film adaptation of "The Smurfs," where the prison scene was filmed.

The first narrative short film for Max Hechtman, Christonikos Tsalikis and the entire cast.

Made as part of Max Hechtman's preparing for Film and Media courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Shot for one entire week in August 2015. Post-production and pick-up shots did not commence until February 2016.