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Stronger (2004)
  • Director:
    Debra Felstead
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Debra Felstead,August Strindberg
  • Cast:
    Raven Dauda,Jacinda Liburd,Sarah Michelle Brown
  • Time:
  • Year:
When Rhona steps into a nail salon for an emergency fix-up, she is surprised to find her former best friend Keesha working there. Catching-up on old times turns into opening old wounds, wounds that Rhona wasn't even aware were there.
Credited cast:
Raven Dauda Raven Dauda - Rhona
Jacinda Liburd Jacinda Liburd - Girl #1
Sarah Michelle Brown Sarah Michelle Brown - Girl #2
Maxine Marcellin Maxine Marcellin - Girl #3
Calystra Liburd Calystra Liburd - Young Girl
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Robinne Fanfair Robinne Fanfair - Keesha
Íñigo Garcés Íñigo Garcés - Garcielo
Beatriz Yuste Beatriz Yuste - Client

Stronger (2004)
Debra Felstead, the director of this short film transfers a short story by August Stringberg to the present day with amazing results. Ms Felstead's adaptation takes a hip-hop approach to the confrontation we see between two women who knew each other well, but are now at odds with one another.

The rude Rhona gets ahead of other customers so that Keesha, the manicurist, can take care of her, immediately. Rhona begins a monologue that is a long complaint about Keesha, who obviously, was her friend, but a man got them apart. Rhona speaks in a tone for everyone to hear in the beauty salon, on purpose, to embarrass Keesha, who keeps her cool at all times. While Rhona keeps getting hot under the collar, Keesha is the model of propriety. Rhona is the clear loser of the exchange.

Raven Dauda and Robinne Fanfair are seen as Rhona and Keesha. Both young actresses are fine under Ms. Felstead's tight direction. This film shows a director that shows talent and goes to the point with gusto. The viewer will not be disappointed.