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Law & Order Mammon (1990–2010)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Jace Alexander
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Dick Wolf,William N. Fordes
  • Cast:
    Dennis Farina,Jesse L. Martin,S. Epatha Merkerson
  • Time:
  • Year:
A contractor is suspected in the murder of an investment banker after detectives discover that the home's security system has been tampered with, and he was having an affair with the man's wife.
Episode credited cast:
Dennis Farina Dennis Farina - Joe Fontana
Jesse L. Martin Jesse L. Martin - Ed Green
S. Epatha Merkerson S. Epatha Merkerson - Anita Van Buren
Sam Waterston Sam Waterston - Jack McCoy
Elisabeth Röhm Elisabeth Röhm - Serena Southerlyn
Fred Dalton Thompson Fred Dalton Thompson - Arthur Branch
Daniel Sunjata Daniel Sunjata - Kenny Tremont
Andrea Roth Andrea Roth - Marley Emerson
Liza Colón-Zayas Liza Colón-Zayas - Luisa
John Benjamin Hickey John Benjamin Hickey - Aaron Solomon
Leslie Hendrix Leslie Hendrix - Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers
John Cariani John Cariani - CSU Julian Beck
Anthony Robert Grasso Anthony Robert Grasso - Alarm Specialist (as Anthony Grasso)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Melody Cooper Melody Cooper - Court Reporter
Gary Cowling Gary Cowling - Shoe Store Owner

Law & Order Mammon (1990–2010)

Daniel Sunjata (Kenny Tremont) and Andrea Roth (Mrs. Marley Emerson) also worked together on Rescue Me (2004), which first aired five months before this one.

Tracie Thoms (Linda Ziman) appears in this episode. She costarred in the movie Rent (2005) alongside Jesse L. Martin (Detective Green).

First episode of L&O to air after the death of actor Jerry Orbach (Detective Lennie Briscoe), before the credits there was a brief "In Memoriam" dedication to him with his picture being shown, however this was not included on the DVD release.

The title is from the the Christian Bible meaning "...material wealth or greed...". Mammon was sometimes personified as a god and derives from the ancient Middle Eastern, and ancient Greek word meaning the same. The title is also just one letter different from "Ammon", the last name of multimillionaire Ted Ammon upon whose murder the story is loosely based. The plot also includes elements from Ammon's murder, including; a security system and its hard-drive as evidence; a contractor suspect having an affair with the victim's wife; an artist wife who may have played a part in the murder and whose premature death complicated the case; and rumors of the victim's homosexuality; among other details.

Daniel Sunjata, who plays the episode's murder suspect, had a recurring role on Law & Order: New York (1999) as a CSU technician.

Sam Waterston is at his best in this Law And Order episode where he has to convict contractor Daniel Sunjata of the murder of Andrea Roth after Roth accuses him of the murder of her husband.

Her contractor husband is found dead in her home and suspicion falls on Roth and Sunjata. It's a question of who will rat out who first. Roth really likes the sex she's getting from Sunjata although she's one of many women this admittedly charismatic man has been fooling around with.

Later when Roth is found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning of course suspicion falls on Sunjata. The man is one arrogant perpetrator who thinks he can get out of anything by his good looks and charm. A new girlfriend is an alibi witness.

The fancy lawyering comes in with Waterston doing a brilliant cross examination at a new trial for the murder of Roth. The horror of what she's doing is slowly realized. Waterston is brilliant here.

This story shows why Jack McCoy most of the time gets his perpetrator.
A housekeeper was about to clean a fancy house, noticing it was unusually off. Upstairs the owner lied on the ground sorrounded by his own blood, killed by a blunt object. Detectives noticed the bed sheets were stolen as well as some cash and jewelry (the safe deposit box was open). The victim was a successful businessman and he was married to a much younger woman (Andrea Roth) without kids. The limo driver who used to take the wife shopping claimed they lived separated lives, because they didn't share any common interests. The wife had an affair with a man in charge of the apartment renovation; after police figured out the alarm system hard drive was stolen, the contractor became the prime suspect. Later on, even the wife died, allegedly poisoned by him. Anyway the bad boy had always a girlfriend outside ready to alibi him...

An episode on the average, great performance for McCoy at trial. I don't understand why girls with no priors were willing to risk jailtime for a piece of work like the main character. Southerlyn is right: women are different, they like outlaws.