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    Todd Lasance,Hamish Michael,Ella Scott Lynch
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Crownies follows five young solicitors fresh out of law school as they face the pressures and madness of modern single life - in a fast paced workplace that highlights the moral dilemmas and big issues facing an apparently civilised society
Series cast summary:
Todd Lasance Todd Lasance - Ben McMahon 22 episodes, 2011
Hamish Michael Hamish Michael - Richard Stirling 22 episodes, 2011
Ella Scott Lynch Ella Scott Lynch - Erin O'Shaughnessy 22 episodes, 2011
Andrea Demetriades Andrea Demetriades - Lina Badir 22 episodes, 2011
Marta Dusseldorp Marta Dusseldorp - Janet King 22 episodes, 2011
Indiana Evans Indiana Evans - Tatum Novak 22 episodes, 2011
Peter Kowitz Peter Kowitz - Tony Gillies 22 episodes, 2011
Jeanette Cronin Jeanette Cronin - Tracey Samuels 22 episodes, 2011
Lewis Fitz-Gerald Lewis Fitz-Gerald - David Sinclair 22 episodes, 2011
Jerome Ehlers Jerome Ehlers - Rhys Kowalski 22 episodes, 2011
Christopher Morris Christopher Morris - Andy Campbell 17 episodes, 2011
Daniel Lissing Daniel Lissing - Conrad De Groot 17 episodes, 2011
Paul Moxey Paul Moxey - Harry 17 episodes, 2011
Chantelle Jamieson Chantelle Jamieson - Julie Rousseau 16 episodes, 2011
Ritchie Singer Ritchie Singer - Justice Rosenberg 10 episodes, 2011


Crownies is an Australian television drama series which was originally broadcast on ABC1 from 14 July until 1 December 2011.

The series revolves around a group of solicitors fresh from law school, working with Crown Prosecutors, who are the public prosecutors in the legal system of Australia, working for the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

ABC1 ordered Crownies for a twenty-two episode run and it was produced by Karl Zwicky.

Crownies was the first long-form drama format to be commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation since 2005's MDA (2002).

Many scenes were filmed in the business district Parramatta, more predominantly around the Parramatta Justice Precinct for the low financial cost and its accessibility. Alongside the Parramatta river shops, churches and streets were used for location shoots.

Every twelve days a Brazilian restaurant located on Church Street, Parramatta, would be converted into the set of "Gar's Bar", which served as the "legal hangout" for the characters.

To cut costs, scenes requiring countryside settings were filmed a mere fifteen-minute drive away from Parramatta.

Doug Anderson from The Sydney Morning Herald liked the show for cast, "fresh" writing and good relationship between character. He believed anyone with intelligence could relate to the show. He praised the character of Indiana Evans for being the modern girl and branded the rest as fairly conventional characters, with personal issues blended in with cases.

Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King) & Sara Wiseman (Lisa Simpson) also worked together on Место, что домом зовётся (2013) as Sarah Adams & Carolyn Bligh respectively.

Craig Mathieson from The Sydney Morning Herald criticised the show stating "The show is struggling to find an even tone and at various times it's flirtatiously sexy, coolly cynical and blazingly emotional. The problem is that these diverse moods jarringly occur one after the other. It's somewhat messy."

Before the series finale of Crownies had broadcast, ABC1 Channel Controller Brendan Dahill revealed that he sought the creation of a spin-off and singled out Marta Dusseldorp and Hamish Michael for their portrayals. He believed that there were many successful aspects of Crownies to build on and expressed his surprise that the show was not as popular as he had envisioned.

Crownies was initially released on region 4 DVD in two separate parts. The first eleven episodes were released on 6 October 2011. The remaining episodes were released on 1 December 2011. The two box-sets were later released for region 2.

On 20 August 2012, ABC TV confirmed that it had commissioned an "8-part legal and political thriller" titled Джанет Кинг (2014).

It's early days, but this series (which the ABC seems to have made a lengthy commitment to) has started fairly well. Whether you enjoy it or not will probably depend on how interesting you find competitive, habitually successful young people who approach almost everything in terms of words and arguments.

Standout performances come from Andrea Demetriades, Jeanette Cronin, Ella Scott Lynch and the fantastic Marta Dusseldorp. Aside from a few dodgy extras, all the cast are good. And with any luck as the series goes on, the writers will trust them (and the audience) with dialogue and character developments that are a bit more three-dimensional.
Unlike the OP I found this series to be fresh, crisp and modern. having worked in a similar setting I found it to be quite realistic. The acting by quite a young cast is well executed and the story line believable. There are interesting plot lines both professional and personal an the character development is being flushed out nicely.

Admittedly some of the extras were a bit lacking but on the whole I feel that this as the show progresses it will only improve. After some of the rubbish we have been receiving from the U.S. I think this will give them a run for their money. it was a refreshing change from the all too familiar offing's from overseas and even from here in the past.

I look forward to seeing how the series pans out and hope others will at least give it a go.
This is a great show. It shows how real young people might react in these types of situations. Yes, some of the scenarios these young people are supposed to deal with would be and are difficult for their older colleagues. These actors go through a fairly realistic process to deal with them. Over all it is an interesting, and for me an absorbing drama.

I agree with a previous review about this being better than some of the drivel Hollywood has dished out in the last few years.

The one character I am having difficulty with is "Tracy" she keeps going on about professionalism and proper conduct in the office but she is constantly spouting her religious beliefs at everyone except her superiors. Seems to me she is using her somewhat higher position to utilize a double standard. Although,this is typical of many people in situations like this everyday.

It would be nice to see this woman get her comeuppance Soon! A lot of viewers will probably laugh and applaud that episode.
Crownies was a show that really deserved a better fate. Even if it was not to have gone past a second season, there were enough open story-lines at the end of season one that truly should have been allowed to play out in a second concluding season.

As for the delayed spin-off (Janet King), it's a good show, but lacks the warmth and charm of the first series. They kept all the five young actors to start off, but quickly dropped one then another, distancing the new series from the concept of the old.

What remains is of good quality, but less viewer friendly. It's unfortunate they decided to go completely away from the predecessor. Had they found a better balance between the two, retaining the best of both, it could have now overall been even that much better. As although the show now by design is very different, it's not necessarily that much better. It's more mature and serious (less soap box).. but not as much fun.
Please.......Five stars......Quality acting for all.....great story line. More....more...more!!!!!! Our Best.......Richard & Ada

I am told I do not have enough lines. So I will go on telling you how much my wife and I totally enjoyed all of you. Your TV presence was very welcome .
Oh dear. I turned to this when I ran out of Silk episodes to stream. I thought it might be an Aussie version. Was I wrong. Barely into the first episode I asked myself why was I putting myself through this dross. I held on thinking it'll get better anytime now. Currently in E3 (or is it 4?) I don't think I'll see what apparently is mercifully the only season to the end. Neighbours re-written for hornier 21 year olds playing lawyers. Maybe I came to it from Sherlock, Foyle's War and Vera with expectations that were much too high, but seeing as it has been cancelled, probably not. One star because I didn't realize one could give zero.
Oh my lord, someone get me a bucket, I have watched whirlwind TV episodes before, but nothing like this, jeez!! Five minutes in I was asking why I was watching the show, then at 8 minutes it had a reprieve with a promising storyline, only for that to be shelved so it could explore people and characters, why?!? This has an 11 episode run, why show me in 30 minutes every character (of which there are many for a small show) without any just cause or reason, except because it wants to.

Pilot episodes should be succinct, they should be small and if an appearance is necessary, it should be seconds not minutes (unless a lead of course) with impact, if it can wait till a later episode, then even better. They should punch there weight, it should be gripping and to the point, it should have a promising storyline, with a let down, then a recovery....Textbook script!! This does none of that, it settles in the first 10 minutes on exploring what the place is and what they do, major error!! I know what a lawyers office does, I have seen many shows and even been in a few!! Not shows, but Lawyer offices!! This is just wrong, I hate to slate Australians, but of all the TV shows I have seen recently, this is typical, there is no decent storyline, it feels like they have taken a storyline, then added there own story around it, very disappointing and not a show I would watch to the end or recommend.

Avoid this show and see it done properly, watch 'suits', great acting, good comedy and strong scripts, you could even say textbook!! If your looking for more comedy, try 'The Defenders'!
The more recent "Janet King" miniseries featured a compelling & suspenseful storyline. "Crownies,' also called "the early episodes of Janet King' recently started on Acorn, so we expected more of the same in hour-long episodes. Wrong!

Judging by Episode 1 - and we don't care to watch anymore - this is your show if you enjoy CONSTANT, never-ending smarmy references to sex sex sex. Tiresome and juvenile. Dil**s & sex toys, oral sex, young women fondling male crotches and dressing up like sleazy hookers for a "Christmas Party," smirking young men - the writers have the mentality of precocious, horny teenagers who think all this wink-wink onslaught of crudity is terribly clever and attention-grabbing. Obviously to some people it is, but not my cup of tea. I would think Marta Dusseldorp would've been embarrassed to be involved with such silliness.