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Ergotism (2008)
  • Director:
    Stefan Rochfort
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Stefan Rochfort
  • Cast:
    David Van Horn,Jacob Tomuri,Eve Gordon
  • Time:
  • Budget:
    NZD 8,000
  • Year:
Throughout history, Ergot (a rare fungus) has polluted grain supplies, infecting whole populations at once with its psychedelic poison, akin to LSD. It has brought down entire armies, changed the face of Europe, been implicated in the Salem witch trials, and still makes appearances in isolated communities to this day... In 2004, an outbreak of gangrenous ergotism was reported in rural New Zealand... Three young loveable losers long to escape their small town existence, but poverty of funds and motivation have always held them back. When ergotism engulfs their rural community in a bad trip of biblical proportions, they become unlikely heroes, best equipped by their misspent youth to save the very place they yearn to escape.
Cast overview:
David Van Horn David Van Horn - Shotgun
Jacob Tomuri Jacob Tomuri - Mat
Eve Gordon Eve Gordon - Sharon

Ergotism (2008)