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Yesterday (2009)
  • Director:
    Rob Grant
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Rob Grant
  • Cast:
    Graham Wardle,P. Lynn Johnson,Bill Murdoch
  • Time:
    1h 35min
  • Budget:
    CAD 25,000
  • Year:
Yesterday follows the lives of complete strangers in the middle of a zombie outbreak. As each person struggles to survive we find their actions begin to affect the lives of others around the dying city, culminating in a stand off at the local grocery store. There, the remaining survivors decide to band together and flee to the wilderness. Once camp is built however, they find that the living dead are not the only danger as they begin to turn on one another in a struggle for power and control.
Credited cast:
Graham Wardle Graham Wardle - Chris
P. Lynn Johnson P. Lynn Johnson - Andrew's Mom
Bill Murdoch Bill Murdoch - Mike's Dad
Mike Kovac Mike Kovac - Mike Valentine
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Fenske Michael Fenske - Dave
John Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald - Andrew
Rob Grant Rob Grant - Eric
Ryan Grant Ryan Grant - Tyler
Len Harvey Len Harvey - Doug
Kevin Fairfax Harwood Kevin Fairfax Harwood - Hillbilly #1
Naomi Inglis Naomi Inglis - Sarah
Zoe Johanna Zoe Johanna - Maggie
Zia Marashi Zia Marashi - Spencer
Shaun Omaid Shaun Omaid - Park Goer
Leala Selina Leala Selina - Zombie

Yesterday (2009)

Actor Mike Kovac slept with his western pistol under his pillow during the entire shooting schedule.

When we first encounter the zombies at the logging site, a tarp is visible in the background that reads "Thumm Logging." This is a reference to Bill Thumm, mentor and teacher to the creators of True Hype Productions Inc.

When Rob Grant's character exits the classroom after the alarm goes off, a poster titled "Refuge" is visible in the background. This is a poster for a stage production that actor Jesse Wheeler was involved in before shooting. A corporate logo had to be covered up in the shot, so Jesse Wheeler went to his car and produced the poster that had been laying on the floor for the past few months. Jesse Wheeler is visible on the right hand side of the poster.

When Mike accidentally shoots at Chris on the street a car is visible on the left of the screen with a woman's legs laying outside the opened driver-side door. These are the legs of Laura Moxon, head of the make-up department.

One of the zombies that Mike Valentine shoots from the bathroom window is a small girl holding a gardening trowel. This is a reference to the character 'Karen Cooper' from Night of the Living Dead (1968).

The most amount of takes done for any shot in the film was at the most three and on average one. This was because the crew could not afford more film stock.

Chris and Sarah's vehicle still ran perfectly after the wreck and was later able to be re-sold as is, with bullet hole in the windshield.

At no point in time in the film are the zombies actually referred to as zombies by any of the characters.

On the 13th day of shooting the primary camera was broken when it fell from a tripod. In the end 5 separate cameras were used to finish principal photography as they kept breaking. The low point was using a hand cranked Russian camera.

During the classroom scene, the sound mixer, Allan Cunningham was placed as one of the students sitting at a desk. He is clearly visible mixing during the scene.

I screened this film for the Okanagan International Film Fest in kelowna B.c. I also own kelowna's largest Independent video store. When comparing this film to the multitude of Zombie films I have seen over the years it actually fairs pretty well. The story had many original angles and ideas. The acting was not great but good. the writing also good. The gore was reminiscent of classic zombie films, they sometimes did not show the wounds being inflicted but there was plenty of blood and lots of people and zombies die in satisfying ways. the quality of filming was also good. If I compare it the 10-15 zombie films that I have seen from this last years releases there were only 2-3 that were better. So all in all for a $25,000? film it holds up very well. I will be recommending it for our late night feature this year.