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Willonau0027s Mr. Right
Good Times Willona's Mr. Right (1974–1979)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Gerren Keith
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Eric Monte,Mike Evans
  • Cast:
    Ja'net DuBois,Ralph Carter,BernNadette Stanis
  • Time:
  • Year:
Willona's former boyfriend calls her. He is back in town from Alaska and wants to marry Willona. She turns him down because she now has Penny to consider. When Penny finds out, she runs away because she thinks she is ruining Willona's life.
Episode cast overview:
Ja'net DuBois Ja'net DuBois - Willona Woods (as Ja'net Du Bois)
Ralph Carter Ralph Carter - Michael Evans
BernNadette Stanis BernNadette Stanis - Thelma Evans (as Bern Nadette Stanis)
Johnny Brown Johnny Brown - Nathan Bookman
Janet Jackson Janet Jackson - Millicent 'Penny' Woods
Jimmie Walker Jimmie Walker - James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.
Adam Wade Adam Wade - Frank Mason

Good Times Willona's Mr. Right (1974–1979)

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Penny reveals Florida Evans is in Arizona.

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"Willona's Mr. Right" opens with JJ's latest advertising campaign for the horrible tasting Formosa Punch, though Bookman labels it 'scrumptious!' Returning from a three year odyssey in Alaska is Willona's old flame Frank Mason (Adam Wade), proposing marriage with an impressive diamond ring. The news of Willona's recent motherhood serves as no deterrent, Frank still yearning to get married and adopt Penny as well. Willona's concerned about her little girl's roots, and doesn't want them both to be uprooted for places unknown. Penny sees the two embrace and decides that it would be easier if she runs away, getting advice about kissing from JJ the expert: "that don't mean nothing, plenty of my girls kiss me and that don't mean they love me, some don't even like me, many of them don't even know me!" Frank Mason would be back once more in "Willona's New Job," repeating the sales pitch from this episode.
An old flame comes by and announces that he wants to marry Willona and show her the world. He's charming, successful, wealthy, and Willona likes him! Several years ago, she would have said yes! But there's been a change in her life where she'll have to say no! penny's adoption and much more then penny tries to run away do you think she should reconsider or stay with no to see the episode this is the link: HTTP://www.you tube.com/watch? v=WSvOq4mE044&feature=related or Good Times - Willona's Mr Right Part 1 of 2 then Good Times - Willona's Mr Right Part 2 of 2 I really do hope you enjoy as much as I did good times when it came on TV I wasn't even born but surely do like this show