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Episode #1.6973
Kodus ja võõrsil Episode #1.6973 (1988– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    David Gould
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sandy Webster,Renee Broome
  • Cast:
    Ada Nicodemou,Emily Symons,Shane Withington
  • Time:
  • Year:
Ryder, Coco and Raffy wake up and Raffy suggests they climb out through the tunnel. However, she brings it down, mildly injuring Ryder and leaving her trapped. Leah and John realise the three are all missing and tell Colby and Dean before reporting it to Chelsea, with Leah thinking Dean knows something. Dean goes to the hideout and confirms to Colby that he thinks they're there. He tries to get to Raffy through the other end of the tunnel but it's blocked off. Colby and Chelsea arrive and Chelsea climbs down to get Raffy to safety; she has a head injury and concussion. Justin blames Dean for telling them and Chelsea is annoyed Colby kept River Boy business from the police.
Episode cast overview:
Ada Nicodemou Ada Nicodemou - Leah Patterson
Emily Symons Emily Symons - Marilyn Chambers
Shane Withington Shane Withington - John Palmer
Rohan Nichol Rohan Nichol - Ben Astoni
Kestie Morassi Kestie Morassi - Maggie Astoni (voice)
Anna Cocquerel Anna Cocquerel - Coco Astoni
James Stewart James Stewart - Justin Morgan
Olivia Deeble Olivia Deeble - Raffy Morrison
Lukas Radovich Lukas Radovich - Ryder Jackson
Patrick O'Connor Patrick O'Connor - Dean Thompson
Tim Franklin Tim Franklin - Colby Thorne
Ashleigh Brewer Ashleigh Brewer - Chelsea Campbell

Kodus ja võõrsil Episode #1.6973 (1988– )