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Fearsome Foursome
A Football Life Fearsome Foursome (2011– )
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The legendary defensive line of the 1960s Los Angeles Rams, led by head coach George Allen were a dominant force on the field, and as close as brothers off of it.

A Football Life Fearsome Foursome (2011– )
OTHER THAN THE obvious use of alliteration, the name "FEARSOME FOURSOME"* may well seem to be just another catchy handle; thought up by some sports writer or press agent. But to anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this unit in action will surely tell you otherwise. If anything, no clever nickname could due justice to these guys! WHEN WE COMPARE sizes of pro linemen of today, when 300 lbs. is not a rare happening, the unit's average height & tonnage doesn't seem out of the ordinary. But one must stop and realize that we're talking about the World of Pro Football before the great merger. There were two circuits in the independent and bitter rival NFL and the AFL. It was also a full half-century ago.

OF THE ORIGINAL Los Angeles Ram quartet, only Roosevelt Grier (the eldest) survives today. All four others have since passed on. 'Rosey' was also the last to join the LA defense after being traded to the Rams from the NY Giants in 1963. he also suffered a career ending injury in 1966. To fill the void left by Rosey's departure, the Rams traded for Detroit Lions stalwart & fellow 300 pounder, Roger Brown.

THE BULK OF this episode concerned the affects on the lives of four very different men from different circumstances in life. Merlin Olsen, the sole white guy, offered some very fine observations on all that he learned from his team mates. Al were from small towns,. with Grier and Jones being Southerners; while Lundy was a Hoosier from Richmond, Indiana and Olsen a devout Mormon from Utah.

THERE IS EXTENSIVE attention paid to the friendship that developed and flourished over a lifetime. They also found themselves involved in various types of Hollywood, commercial and endorsement work. Sole survivor, Roosevelt Grier, is now an ordained Minister.

BUT OF ALL the stories that were touched on, it appears to us that David "Deacon" Jones' story is the most touching. It is obvious that he had some rough upbringing and harbored some bitterness and even hatred. But the scenes that showed him in recent years, while being confined to a wheel chair and the way he welcomed young kids showed definite signs of his rehabilitation and ultimate redemption.

NOTE: ^ The moniker of "Fearsome Foursome" was originally a name affectionately applied to the Detroit Lions defensive line of Alex Karras, Darris McCord, Sam Williams and Roger Brown; who would be Rosey Grier's replacement in Los Angeles.