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The Magic Shoes
The Magic Shoes (1913)
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    Clarence Elmer,Jennie Nelson
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Pete Smiley, a shoemaker, is in the habit of coming home from his night haunts and cronies pretty late, and with a twenty-two carat jag. He also indulges in booze fighting in the day-time. One day he comes home in a befuddled condition and his wife tries to impress her views on his brain. He smiles and peacefully falls asleep. He dreams that he is in one of his favorite saloons and while imbibing ale, a fairy appears and gives him a pair of shoes. She tells him that the left one will cause the wearer to disappear, the right one to cause her to reappear. He hurries home and gives his wife the shoes. Trying on the left, she disappears, much to Pete's satisfaction. He throws the right shoe in the river, wondering what will happen. He is rudely awakened by his wife and berated for his idleness.
Cast overview:
Clarence Elmer Clarence Elmer - Pete Smiley
Jennie Nelson Jennie Nelson - Pete's Wife

The Magic Shoes (1913)

Released as a split reel along with the comedy Angel Cake and Axle Grease (1913).

A pleasing little offering in comedy vein, giving us the dream of a cobbler that turns out to be only a dream. It was a bit too slight to stage in the best way; yet, if it had been done expensively, it would have been a gem. Clarence Elmer and Jennie Nelson play the leads and it is well photographed. - The Moving Picture World, April 26, 1913