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Doc Martin
Doc Martin (2001)
  • Director:
    Ben Bolt
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Craig Ferguson,Mark Crowdy
  • Cast:
    Martin Clunes,Dominic Rowan,Richard Dillane
  • Time:
    1h 30min
  • Year:
When obstetrician Martin Bamford learns that his wife has been unfaithful to him with all three of his best mates, he decides to leave London for a short while to clear his head and decide what to do next. He heads to the village of Port Isaac in Cornwall where he had spent some time as a boy. He's a bit of an oddity in the village and some at least suspect he may be there for no good reason. He soon makes friends and finds himself working on a fishing boat and enjoying a somewhat carefree life. Someone in the village is distributing poison pen letters of a sort with messages or photos stuck inside jellies that people find on their doorstep. Soon, some of the villagers point the finger at Martin who thinks those accusing him are daft.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Martin Clunes Martin Clunes - Doctor Martin Bamford
Dominic Rowan Dominic Rowan - Andrew
Richard Dillane Richard Dillane - Tim
Oliver Fox Oliver Fox - Harry
Mathew Bose Mathew Bose - Waiter
Christopher Pizzey Christopher Pizzey - Busboy (as Chris Pizzey)
Debbie Norman Debbie Norman - Telephone Operator
Lynsey Baxter Lynsey Baxter - Petronella
Mark Heap Mark Heap - Mitch
Tristan Sturrock Tristan Sturrock - Harvey
Tony Maudsley Tony Maudsley - Billy May
Paul Brooke Paul Brooke - Charley
Stephen Moore Stephen Moore - Vicar
Rosie Ede Rosie Ede - Odette
Barbara Lott Barbara Lott - Justine Walker

Doc Martin (2001)

Filmed in Port Issac, Cornwall like the TV series.

This is a really sympathetic movie and it startles me to see how little people have voted for it yet. It is a funny story with really sympathetic characters. It is located in a beautiful village in Cornwall, where a mystery lady disclosures everybody's secrets. A friendly doctor from London arrives and gets involved. As he learns to know the villagers, they start to grow on him. A lot of them are strange in a very funny way. After I saw it, I felt like I had met real people. I promise you you'll love it too. There is a sequel, but thats not half as nice.
Before "Doc Martin" became a popular series, this movie came out to set the stage; somewhat.

Martin Clunes plays Doc Martin, but he is very different from the stuffed shirt, grouchy Doc in the series. This one is a "people person" and is married to a cheating wife (she has affairs with each of this 3 friends!). When he finds out, he heads to a little seaside village that he knew as a kid. We still see Doc Martin, but he drinks and smokes cigarettes, both the legal and illegal type.

As a side story, the village folk are plagued with an anonymous poison pen writer. The poisonous clues are put in "jellies," which to Americans look like molded Jello, and placed at the doorstep. The villagers point the finger at each other, then at Martin, until he saves a few of them and earns their trust. Eventually they do solve the mystery and unmask the culprit.

At least this part is true to the Doc Martin series to follow. This Martin stays in a suit, even when he's on a fishing boat. He's also a brilliantly smart doctor and able to save a life with makeshift tools. The villagers are quirky, sweet, and close knit.

Check out the hilarious scene where Doc is slicing into fish with glee and shouting at them. His cheating friends should be very thankful he only takes his anger out on the dead fish.
My uncle recently recommended I see the British show "Doc Martin". Well, his suggestions aren't usually too bad, so I decided to start at the beginning--or at least what I thought was the beginning. It turns out this character had first appeared in the Craig Ferguson film "Saving Grace"--though I didn't know it until after I saw "Doc Martin". So guess what is next on my Netflix queue?

As for this film, I have been warned that the character is not exactly the same one from the later television series. It's played by the same actor (Martin Clunes) and he's got the same name, but I have been warned that the stories aren't exactly the same in the movies that preceded the TV show. That often happens when movies are later adapted to a TV series, though after seeing "Doc Martin", I cannot imagine changing it very much because the film was nearly perfect!

The film begins in London. Dr. Martin is a successful obstetrician and s satisfied with his life. However, he's blissfully unaware that his wife is cheating on him...with several men! When he discovers, he takes off for Cornwall. After all, as a child he'd visited there and found it very relaxing--and he certainly needs to relax and clear his head.

What happens next is very strange and one of the subplots involves a strange person who leaves jello* molds on people's doorsteps with nasty and incriminating photos buried within them! There is much more to it than this...but it's probably best you just see it for yourself.

So why did I like "Doc Martin" so much? Well, the writing was just lovely and the story really made you care about the doctor and this strange little town full of interesting characters. Additionally, the direction and acting were also nice. It's a gentle meandering sort of film--and one that seemed very charming and made me want to see more.
Doc Martin Bamford, an amiable, dope-smoking GP in a Cornish fishing village, appears in the movie "Saving Grace" and two made-for-TV prequels that explained who he was and how he got that way. This first time out, he's an obstetrician not a surgeon, he doesn't lose it at the sight of blood, he's a beaming, rubber-faced cherub not a scowling, sharp-tongued Aspie--that's Doc Martin Ellingham, as thoroughly reimagined for the long-running series by Dominic Minghella (whose name, as somebody on an IMDb bulletin board pointed out, is an anagram of "Ellingham"). Too much info? Doesn't matter. This "Doc Martin" is the first of the TV prequels, not as clever or as original as the series, perhaps, but perfectly charming and involving all the same. Good work by Tristan Sturrock (he's in the series as well) as a laid-back lobsterman and Neve McIntosh as a witchy tavern singer (she's not, more's the pity, eh?).
I was very surprised how different this movie is from the series, I am more than half way through the series and decided to look up the movie and rent it and watch it. I tell you if there was just a the movie I'd want more. So glad there's the series, but I wish the series was more the movie. in the movie Doc smiles and laughs and drinks and smokes. In the series he doesn't do any of that. I'm the 4th season of Doc Martin and it's getting good. and there's a new season of doc martin that was watching and I thought to start from the beginning of the series, and now I'm going to get me pint and a smoke and finish watching all the way up to the 7th season
This first prequel to the Doc Martin character in Saving Grace is pretty good if you can get past the awful sex scene about a third of the way in, the squeamish bits, and the verbal litter (which is always a bummer).

If you enjoy stories about folks who are able to get away and rethink their lives, this one fits the bill. Would have liked to see the Doc not be quite so accommodating to his wife though.

The cast is great and the location is spectacular. Lots of characters to root for.

I watched Saving Grace so long ago that I don't remember the original Doc Martin character and am eager to go back and see that show again. On the other hand, I watched the second prequel, Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie, and it was AWFUL. It was really really stupid.
This REVIEW if for the first three seasons of the DOC MARTIN TV series. Please note, this review has spoilers so please be forewarned. Also, everything here constitutes an opinion.

I enjoyed the first three seasons until the very last episodes where the ending was truly awful and disappointing! So, I decided not to watch session 4 or anything else related to this show. Why? There is just too much other television to allow myself to be aggravated by truly substandard television writing.

What happened to make me so unhappy as a viewer? At the beginning of the show, the characters were fun and interesting small town folk from a sea side community somewhere in Britain. Each posing with a unique and lovable faulty part in their character these actors were mostly all endearing. It was, however, in the last episodes of the third season where the show went BERSERK! First, the characters failed to live up to their established personalities. Come on, we all know a leopard can't change it's spots. Things are what they are and everyone, including viewers, crave consistency. You have to wonder what happened to the writers and producers of this show to have failed so miserably at sustaining this simple tenet. Just to give an example, towards the end of the third season Doc and Louisa are about to marry. Doc begs a man who can marry them to officiate, (I don't recall if we are ever told why the man can do this.) In exchange, the man requires Doc to look at his pig which ends up with Doc's hand inside the pigs rectum.

But in spite of this and after all the 'I love yous' the forgiveness, the intimacy, the shared bonding between these two characters, Louisa and Doc never show up at the church. Now, how logical is it to a assume that a man who would stick his hand inside a pigs rectum would not to even bother showing up to his wedding an hour or two later? And just like in this example, all the other characters in the show fall apart failing to live up to their character expectations. In my opinion, a terrible mistake on the part of the writers/producers/creators and one that proves to be unrealistic about people and circumstances in general.

Second, it is obvious from the show that whoever created the story line ABHORS MARRIAGE as an institution. Why have I arrived at that opinion? I can only recall three instances where there were married couples. In one instance, the husband turns out to be a closet homosexual who is cheating on his much older wife. In another, Doc's mother and father turn out to be hateful unfeeling narcissistic sociopaths who only care about themselves and end up divorcing after 40 years. In yet another example, the young university educated couple have a son whom they've raised to be a monster by allowing him to freely destroy and vandalize other peoples car and property. And besides these people, no one else is married, in the entire town! In the end what do we see? A bunch of selfish people who are incapable of committing to anyone or anything else... having children out of wed lock, stealing from each other, engaging in highly abnormal sexual escapades, boozing it up, gambling, etc... Besides the aforementioned, no one, in this town of 900+ people is married. And in the end what is Doc's excuse as to why he did not show to church and potentially would have left Louisa standing at the altar? Oh, he says something like I wouldn't have made her happy. How unrealistic is that? We all know that no one is happy 100% of the time, no one. In addition, ideally, people marry because they love and care about each other not because they are guaranteeing that they will make the other person happy 100% of the time. How ludicrous and plain stupid is this?! All I have to say is that in my opinion, something went terribly MAD with this series. I don't know what or who?! All I know is that as I watched this show I became weary of the voice behind the characters telling us that marriage is a hopeless institution and that in the end, there is no hope in the world in general as everyone is basically selfish and grossly narcissistic.

Sorry, but unless I got paid to watch this again, I wouldn't. And that is my opinion.