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Team Spirit: De Serie
Team Spirit: De Serie
TV Series
In this sitcom, the very-small-league amateur soccer team from the homonymous movie ("de serie" is Dutch for "The Series") which is so bad at the game even their emancipated girls have a hard time taking it seriously -causing increasing domestic tension- continue to enjoy the team camaraderie with a comical dose of macho rivalry. Driving force is Eric, a trendy yuppie lawyer who's captain, secretary etc. all in one despite having the busiest professional life, but hesitates to introduce his gay partner Geert to them - till the couple concocts the plan to make the former non-soccer-fan the team's trainer. His best friend, Stef, is a charmer but utterly unreliable. Equaly over-competitive is Franky, a drop-out without qualifications who never holds a job due to his brutish attitude but the soccer-passionate son of the boys original trainer. Vic is a philosophy graduate who resists pressure to follow in the footsteps of his father, a wealthy businessman. Jean-Marc is as clumsy as -...
Series cast summary:
Axel Daeseleire Axel Daeseleire - Franky 6 episodes, 2003
Tania Kloek Tania Kloek - Nancy 6 episodes, 2003
Anne Denolf Anne Denolf - Rita 6 episodes, 2003
Hilde De Baerdemaeker Hilde De Baerdemaeker - Katia 6 episodes, 2003
Warre Borgmans Warre Borgmans - Geert 6 episodes, 2003
Ini Massez Ini Massez - Veronique 6 episodes, 2003
Sandrine André Sandrine André - Inge 6 episodes, 2003
Ellen Van Cutsem Ellen Van Cutsem - Sofieke 6 episodes, 2003
Annelies Van Den Bossche Annelies Van Den Bossche - Marieke 6 episodes, 2003
Veerle Dejonghe Veerle Dejonghe - Linda 6 episodes, 2003
Jan Van Looveren Jan Van Looveren - Ivan 6 episodes, 2003
Vic de Wachter Vic de Wachter - Schouten 6 episodes, 2003
Bob De Moor Bob De Moor - Mil 6 episodes, 2003
Peter Thyssen Peter Thyssen - Interimman 6 episodes, 2003
Wouter Bruneel Wouter Bruneel - Security 6 episodes, 2003
Maya Albert Maya Albert - Dokteres 6 episodes, 2003
Katrien Deklerq Katrien Deklerq - Serveuse 6 episodes, 2003
Luc Verhoeven Luc Verhoeven - Agent 1 6 episodes, 2003
Frans Van Der Aa Frans Van Der Aa - Agent 2 6 episodes, 2003
Wim Willaert Wim Willaert - Gids 6 episodes, 2003
Annette Kelly Annette Kelly - Ierse Secretaresse 6 episodes, 2003
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Vic 6 episodes, 2003
Dimitri Leue Dimitri Leue - Jean-Marc 6 episodes, 2003
Michael Pas Michael Pas - Stef 6 episodes, 2003
Mathias Sercu Mathias Sercu - Jos 6 episodes, 2003
Tom Van Landuyt Tom Van Landuyt - Eric 6 episodes, 2003

Team Spirit: De Serie