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Episode #1.6640
Home and Away Episode #1.6640 (1988– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Ian Watson
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Nick King
  • Cast:
    Lynne McGranger,Emily Symons,Georgie Parker
  • Time:
  • Year:
Irene and Olivia make plans for the birthday party and see James by the beach. Olivia invites Roo and Marilyn, telling Roo she can bring James, but despite spending time with VJ she decides not to invite him. Hunter asks him anyway and he holds it together, despite snapping at Irene during a visit to the nursery. Irene and Marilyn quiz James but things are brought to a halt when James first reveals his fiance cheated on him with his father and then Marilyn realises he took the paparazzi shot of James outside the court house, leaving Roo annoyed that he wasn't honest with her. VJ, Hunter and Olivia decamp to Salt where Hunter calls Jess Kearney and some of Olivia's old uni friends to join them. Marilyn rings John and tells him she won't visit the next day. Roo gets a phone call with her test results and tells Irene she's pregnant.
Episode cast overview:
Lynne McGranger Lynne McGranger - Irene Roberts
Emily Symons Emily Symons - Marilyn Chambers
Georgie Parker Georgie Parker - Roo Stewart
Shane Withington Shane Withington - John Palmer
Matt Little Matt Little - VJ Patterson
Scott Lee Scott Lee - Hunter King
Raechelle Banno Raechelle Banno - Olivia Fraser Richards
Tim Ross Tim Ross - James Mayvers
Tayari Gee Tayari Gee - Baby Luc
Jess Bush Jess Bush - Jess Kearney

Home and Away Episode #1.6640 (1988– )