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Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme
Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme (2012)
  • Director:
    Hugo de Sousa
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Lourenço Ortigão,Sara Matos,Sara Prata
  • Time:
    1h 37min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Margarida (Sara Matos) and Rui (Lawrence Ortigão) after studying in England, are now returning to Portugal for a holiday camp, where they reconnect with friends from other times and participate in a Summer Festival. Missy M, Tatiana (Mafalda Portela) eventually gets in the middle of the couple, and lives a romantic adventure with Rui.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lourenço Ortigão Lourenço Ortigão - Rui Oliveira
Sara Matos Sara Matos - Margarida Bacelar
Sara Prata Sara Prata - Becas
Ricardo Sá Ricardo Sá - Leo
Mafalda Portela Mafalda Portela - Tatiana Branco
Lia Carvalho Lia Carvalho - Mariana
David Carreira David Carreira - Lourenço Seixas
Guilherme Filipe Guilherme Filipe - Rogério Sapinho
João Catarré João Catarré - Pipo
Pedro Carvalho Pedro Carvalho - Ricardo Carvalho
Pedro Teixeira Pedro Teixeira - Simão Navarro
Rita Pereira Rita Pereira - Soraia Rochinha
Arlindo Carvalho Arlindo Carvalho - Baterista 4Taste
Bruno Simões Bruno Simões - Jorge
Carlos Cunha Carlos Cunha - Diamantino Alves

Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme (2012)

Cláudia Vieira and Diana Chaves were forced to decline the invitation to enter.

No character in the 5th Temporadade of strawberries with sugar, one of the more striking because it was the first time the series went on to address the day-to-day in a public school education, will be present in the series. Actors like Sisley Dias, Rui Nunes Port and Angelo Rodrigues, probably are not present due to the fact that integrating the casts of the novels of SIC.

Lia Carvalho used wig to make embody the character Mariana.

Rita Pereira participated in the film making her own and not incarnating your character in the series 2 of "Strawberries with Sugar".

Although I was a member of the crew on this film I'm going to make an impartial review, as a viewer. There are good and bad things about this movie, I'm gonna start with the bad. The script is poor and not very coherent and It seems a little forced sometimes. The acting is diverse, since you have some very good actors/ actresses and some that aren't very good at all. The photography is very good in my point of view as well as the rhythm of the movie. Have a lot of music but its supposed to be a musical movie. Have said that I think overall is a happy movie made to families and their young ones. It talks about love and not sex, and also talks about fighting for your dreams. Also I must say that it was a big challenge to all the production to make a movie with such a low budget and in a record time, and in a country where people don't watch Portuguese movies, it's a victory that this movie sold out cinemas in Portugal. It was hard but very rewarding for me to be a part of that.