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The Brooklyn Connection
The Brooklyn Connection (2005)
  • Director:
    Klaartje Quirijns
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  • Writer:
    Stacy Sullivan
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In Brooklyn, a 40-year-old Kosovo immigrant is building a guerrilla army.
Credited cast:
Richard Holbrooke Richard Holbrooke - Himself

The Brooklyn Connection (2005)
This is an story about Kosovo, but it is much more the story about USA and Europe, including me and my country.

Krasnici is living in USA and is sending weapons to Kosovo. He buys it freely in States and transporting it trough the Europe. Military commander of NATO during the bombing of Serbia (Kosovo was province of Serbia), Wesley Clark and emissary of US president for Balcans, Richard Hollbruk are guests on the donation dinner for KLA. Albanians are raising money from heroine market where they are almost complete rulers in Europe and USA. They are supporting presidential campaign in States. Are European custom officers really so stupid or Krasnici is having their help? Albanians are not the only community of that kind in USA, how many lobbies are still there, and how does it implicates on world we live. Again I'm not sure by whom is this world ruled but again I'm sure by what. Excellent story, exclusive shots but weak questions by author to Krasnici.
Who is a "freedom fighter" and who is a "terrorist"? Florin Krasniqi appears to be a normal New Yorker, an immigrant who happily settled in the U.S. and started his own roofing business. When his cousin was killed by the Serbian army, he took interest in the struggle of his fatherland. This documentary does not make a judgement about its subject. It just tells the story of one man's life and interest in supporting the KLA. There are some fun scenes in here, like when Florin goes to a gun dealer to purchase a .50-calibre rifle and says he's going to use it to hunt elephants. The weapons make their way through airports and eventually end up in the hands of the KLA. At one point Florin is asked if he has worked with terrorist organizations. He says that he has been approached by some, but doesn't give a clear answer. "I would collaborate with the devil to save my people." It's a good documentary for anyone no matter how familiar or unfamiliar they are with the conflict.