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Anchor and Hope
Anchor and Hope (2017)
  • Director:
    Carlos Marques-Marcet
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jules Nurrish,Carlos Marques-Marcet
  • Cast:
    Natalia Tena,Oona Chaplin,Geraldine Chaplin
  • Time:
    1h 53min
  • Year:
Two women, Eva and Kat, and the best friend of one of them, Roger. A boat in the canals of London and a question: Is it possible to live love, family, and life in such different ways and yet remain united?
Credited cast:
Natalia Tena Natalia Tena - Kat
Oona Chaplin Oona Chaplin - Eva
Geraldine Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin - Germaine
Charlotte Atkinson Charlotte Atkinson - Susana
Meghan Treadway Meghan Treadway - Christine
Trevor White Trevor White - Martin
David Verdaguer David Verdaguer - Roger
Lara Rossi Lara Rossi - Jinx
Philip Arditti Philip Arditti - Farid
Faith Edwards Faith Edwards - Doctor
Taya De La Cruz Taya De La Cruz - Shop Owner
Laraine Dix Laraine Dix - Salsa Dancer
Enrique Quintero Enrique Quintero - Nurse
Peyton Jowers Peyton Jowers - Pirate girl
Becky Bullman Becky Bullman - Survey Girl

Anchor and Hope (2017)

Oona Chaplin (Eva) and Natalia Tena (Kat) have both previously starred in Game of Thrones: Das Lied von Eis und Feuer (2011).

A very beautiful film about a couple and two friends. About Spanish people living in England and about how young (but not so young) people in their thirties deal with their lives to combine freedom, happiness, utopia and a life project. Not an easy thing! I liked it quite a lot!
Anchor and Hope (2017) is an English movie co-written and directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet. The film stars Oona Chaplin as Eva, and Natalia Tena as Kat. They are happily in love. They do, indeed, live in a houseboat.

The situation changes when Kat invites her childhood friend Roger to stay with them in the houseboat for "a few days or weeks." It doesn't take an large leap of imagination to expect that two women together is one matter, but two women and one man together is something very different. That's where the plot takes off.

This picture is billed in the hype as that "sexual orientation isn't really a plot point. Nobody comes out. There are no homophobic characters or issues. It's essentially a romantic comedy/drama that happens to feature a lesbian couple." Don't believe it. It's a lesbian film. What's wrong with that?

I think it's a very good movie, with an interesting plot and great acting by all three lead actors. I recommend it.

We saw this movie at Rochester's Little Theatre as part of Image Out, the excellent Rochester LGBT Film Festival. It will work almost as well on the small screen.

P.S. Look for Geraldine Chaplin in the supporting role of Germaine, Eva's mother. We know that she is, indeed, Oona Chaplin's mother. Great casting!
Eva and Kat are in their 30s. They live a perfectly Bohemian life on a barge that they periodically move along the Regents canal in London. The desire of parenthood felt by Eva and the arrival of Kat's best friend Roger will shake their lives. This film explores personal aspirations, affection and communication within a couple when role models are lacking. The result is a beautiful portrait and the certainty that life can be what we make of it.
A good script on how two alternative fun loving females living on a canal boat in London enlist the aid of a male friend to impregnate one of them so that they can have a child. For drama a couple of issues arise. However there are several not shown problems. First, it's safer to have a clinic collect the donor's sperm. Second, houseboat living has it's low consumption lifestyle, low rental (moorage fees), alternative living positives, but there are thousands of houseboats on the crowded (not shown in movie) waterways. They must continuously move every few days to a a couple of weeks. Potable water, electricity, sewage, engine problems, fuel smell, weather, basic comfort are problems, and the canal water doesn't look the healthiest.
I loved it. It's brilliant and addressing problems we have in our generation. It was so well put together and entertaining beginning to the end