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CDF Ghostship
CDF Ghostship (2015)
Video Game
  • Director:
    Shaun Williams
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Shaun Williams
  • Cast:
    Ben Britton,Shaun Phillip Cantwell,Brian Clarke
  • Year:
Ghostship is based within the CDF universe. The Colonial Defence Force is a futuristic military arm of the humans. It was established and formed to uphold the peace and give security to the Colonial territories. The CDF was to protect Earth and her colonies against alien threats as well as riots and general unrest. Formed in the Year 2189 The CDF has seen almost 200 years of colonial rule and domination. We have explored much of the known galaxy and encountered alien life forms that have threatened human existence. The galaxy is a big place, and we have only explored 8% of our own galaxy. After the resource wars on Earth in the late 21st Century, humans had no choice but to explore and exploit resources outside their home planet Earth. After 200 years of expansion, the humans spanned many solar systems and a number of colonies were formed. Financed by MAG industries the humans slowly spread across the galaxy and encountered the horrors of Deep Space and the unknown. Many forms of ...
Credited cast:
Ben Britton Ben Britton - Dr. Frank (voice)
Shaun Phillip Cantwell Shaun Phillip Cantwell - Engineer Gibbons (voice)
Brian Clarke Brian Clarke - Captain Clarke (voice)
Nick Cornwall Nick Cornwall - Jack Sebastian (voice)
Marcus Payne Marcus Payne - Captain Bailey (voice)

CDF Ghostship (2015)