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Legends/Mall of Duty
The Loud House Legends/Mall of Duty (2016– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Kyle Marshall,Chris Savino
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Chris Savino,Karla Sakas
  • Cast:
    Collin Dean,Jessica DiCicco,Grey Griffin
  • Time:
  • Year:
Dad and Lincoln get on "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and can't wait to for a day of bonding. Guest Stars: Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes Lincoln wants to go to the mall but has to watch his younger sisters so he decides to take them with him.
Episode cast overview:
Collin Dean Collin Dean - Lincoln (voice)
Jessica DiCicco Jessica DiCicco - Lynn / Lucy (voice)
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Lana / Lola / Lily / Scoots (voice)
Lara Jill Miller Lara Jill Miller - Lisa / Woman (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Olmec / Steve / Airport Security (voice)
Jill Talley Jill Talley - Mom (voice)
Brian Stepanek Brian Stepanek - Dad (voice)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Flip / Tough Guy (voice)
Kirk Fogg Kirk Fogg - Himself (voice)
Bert Kreischer Bert Kreischer - Rip Hardcore (voice)
Jace Norman Jace Norman - Steak Stankco (voice)
Cooper Barnes Cooper Barnes - Stan Stankco (voice)

The Loud House Legends/Mall of Duty (2016– )
The announcement of the episode "LEGENDS" had me wondering what exactly was going to happen on this episode of the LOUD HOUSE. Of course I thought it would be one of the more serious episodes that people have been rumoring about. Instead this episode was confirmed to be a crossover episode. But what exactly would THE LOUD HOUSE crossover with? Could it be Spongebob? Fairly Oddparents? or even HARVEY freakin BEAKS? No, its Legends of the Hidden Temple. An old Nickelodeon game show from the 90s. So was this crossover good? Well... first off Nickelodeon really didn't make a big deal about this. Not as much as the movie that was based off of Legends of the Hidden Temple. So I think the writers weren't going for much here which I think kind of made the episode a little disapointing. I get where this episode is trying to go. It's about the father-son relationship between Lincoln and his Dad, Lynn Sr. Apparently the two love each other however it's still hard something they both like. It turns out they both enjoy Legends of the Hidden Temple and they decide to go on the show for a father-son special episode. The other team are two jerks that enjoy winning more than having fun. Where have I seen this before? So Lincoln and his dad get their butts whooped, but they're glad that they did it together and that they were on the show. Not a lot of people can say that. I think what would have made the episode even better is if it was a two-part episode. I think that having the entire main cast of characters on the episode is better than just having two. It could have been possible because they went to Orlando. Imagine what the Loud sisters could have done in Orlando. But, I guess the Halloween special was good and so was the Loudest Mission. In any case, I think Nickelodeon was right not to hype this "crossover" episode. The second episode MALL OF DUTY, had a few flaws in it as well that made me not enjoy it as much as I did LEGENDS. So the episode starts with Lincoln's parents having to take Lincoln's older sisters somewhere leaving Lincoln to watch over his younger sisters. This would be the only appearances of the older sisters and then another one at the end of the episode. So Lincoln hears that one his many idols, Rip Hardcore is gonna be at the mall signing books for fans on that same day. Lincoln takes his little sisters with him and they get bored waiting in line with Lincoln. Lincoln puts them on a train inside the mall that spirals out of control ( would have loved to have seen this part by the way) and the sisters are separated leaving Lincoln to try and find them. So here's where most of my disappointment comes from. When Lincoln is finding his sisters and telling them to come with him ,they just go without any hesitation. For example with Lola, who is the queen of these other kids at the mall. It would have taken more time to convince her to leave her so called Kingdom. Yet she just goes along with Lincoln just because he got her out of the castle. The most exciting part of the episode was Lincoln trying to stop Lily who was conducting the train. That was the only good part. I am still confused about the resolution of the episode though. Lincoln got his autograph, but had to give it away to help Lily, and the younger sisters felt sorry for him. I don't get why they would feel that way. Maybe because it turned out to be a fun day at the mall for them after all? Anyway I just thought the writing was kind of lazy on these episodes and hopefully a really good one is still yet to be aired.