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The Good Muddahs
Pardilood The Good Muddahs (1987–1990)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    James T. Walker,Bob Hathcock
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    David Weimers,Ken Koonce
  • Cast:
    Susan Blu,Victoria Carroll,Joan Gerber
  • Time:
  • Year:
The Beagle Babes kidnap Webby for ransom, but then decide to keep her.
Episode cast overview:
Susan Blu Susan Blu - Babydoll Beagle (voice)
Victoria Carroll Victoria Carroll - Boom-Boom Beagle (voice)
Joan Gerber Joan Gerber - Mrs. Bentina Beakley (voice)
Charles Pierce Charles Pierce - (voice)
Russi Taylor Russi Taylor - Huey Duck / Dewey Duck / Louie Duck / Webbigail Vanderquack (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Bubba the Caveduck (voice)
Jo Anne Worley Jo Anne Worley - Bouffant Beagle (voice) (as JoAnne Worley)
Alan Young Alan Young - Scrooge McDuck (voice)

Pardilood The Good Muddahs (1987–1990)
I liked the Beagle Babes but wish we had seen more of them. I thought the families first reaction to Webby being kidnapped was bit off and wondered By the family went all the way home before calling the police and waited so long for them to show up .Scrooge's reaction to not give up the ransom at first made it seem like he didn't care much to get her back as if it been one the boys i believe there would have been no second thoughts.Overall the episode was pretty good and one of the best Webby ones.We saw a little different side of her and saw her become a bit more bossy.And you could see she gained somewhat of an attitude from the beagle babes .