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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (2018)
Video Game
You are a brand new student at Hogwarts many years before Harry Potter became a student. Your brother has gone missing after becoming disgraced and people think you are just like him. So with help of new friends you must find your brother and what ever he was searching for in Hogwarts before he was expelled.
Credited cast:
Maggie Smith Maggie Smith - Professor Minerva McGonagall (voice)
Michael Gambon Michael Gambon - Professor Albus Dumbledore (voice)
Warwick Davis Warwick Davis - Professor Filius Flitwick (voice)
Sally Mortemore Sally Mortemore - Madam Irma Pince (voice)
Gemma Jones Gemma Jones - Madam Pomfrey (voice)
Zoë Wanamaker Zoë Wanamaker - Madam Hooch (voice)
David Bradley David Bradley - Argus Filch (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chris Okawa Chris Okawa - Bill Weasley / Additional Students (voice)
Josh Rachlis Josh Rachlis - Ghost (voice)

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (2018)

Zoë Wanamaker plays Madam Hooch for the first time since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/ Sorcerer's Stone (2001).

The main character (the player's avatar) is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between 1984 and 1991. This places them in the same class as Charlie Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks, two characters already familiar to Harry Potter book-readers and film-viewers.

The graphics are pretty good, I like how they brought the original actors of the professors back for some cameos, which are minimal but still good. I have three main reasons why this doesn't exceed, or at least live up to my expectations for the game

1: the energy balls To do, really anything in this game you got to have energy, which allows you to do anything. (Participate in class, do spells, etc.), you waste a lot of them in useless things you have to do in class like "daydream" or "flip through a book", you have about 25 energy balls and you use them all in a span of 2 minutes, Since every action takes up about 2-5 energy balls. Not to mention, the only ways of getting energy is paying for it or waiting 2-4 minutes to get one energy. What makes it worse is the time limit of the classes, you have 1 hour to use 25+ Energy balls, as well as waiting for them, so you will probably not finish the task. You can't use longer time periods, caus obviously, you'll need to use more energy.

2: the lack of freedom This game doesn't allow you to walk around Hogwarts freely, and allows you in certain areas until you're in a certain year/grade, you can't talk to other wizards and witches unless the game tells you to. When you play gobstones with your best friend Rowan, it's nit a mini game which allows you to actually play, the only way to play it and win is to distract her so you win. With the sorting hat, you get TOO much freedom, instead of a personality quiz, and then asking your opinion, it goes straight to "what do you want to be" with no thinking or quizzes for what house. You're in the house you choose. You also don't get much freedom in your wand, and I know the wand chooses you, but we should've Been able to make our own, and make it our Pottermore one.

3: The giant similarities to the books This may not be a bother to some, but the characters are the exact same as characters in the canon books and movies.

-There's you, the one who's famous because of a family tragedy, in this instance your brother disappearing and went mad -There's your best friend Rowan, who loves books and studying, brains and smarts, but also loyal and brave -There's Ben, the cowardly Gryffindor who's scared of everything, and will PROBABLY end up being the hero -As well as snape constantly being mean to you, and the bully being a Slytherin

But I gave this a six because it's very addictive, the graphics are once again nice, and I really can't guve Harry Potter a bad rating can I?