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Die Besucherin
Die Besucherin (2008)
  • Director:
    Lola Randl
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Lola Randl
  • Cast:
    Sylvana Krappatsch,André Jung,Samuel Finzi
  • Time:
    1h 44min
  • Year:
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sylvana Krappatsch Sylvana Krappatsch - Agnes
André Jung André Jung - Bruno
Samuel Finzi Samuel Finzi - Walter
Jule Böwe Jule Böwe - Karola
Isabel Metz Isabel Metz - Leni
Holger Stolz Holger Stolz - Accident witness #1
Thomas Pohn Thomas Pohn - Accident witness #2
Philipp Neubauer Philipp Neubauer - Policeman
Stefan Lampadius Stefan Lampadius - Neighbor
Stephan Ullrich Stephan Ullrich - Rainer
Melanie Spielmann Melanie Spielmann - Jill
Maria Faust Maria Faust - Anne
Konrad Domann Konrad Domann - Helmut
Lina Beckmann Lina Beckmann - Miriam
Bettina Ernst Bettina Ernst - Woman on the staircase

Die Besucherin (2008)
This is a sad movie about the gradual disintegration of a middle class marriage which involves some cute role-reversal elements: Agnes, the wife, holds a reasonably responsible, well-paid position in a medical research institute (not at the top, of course, as we may assume there is a glass ceiling). Her husband, a writer of crime fiction, stays at home, looks after their teenage daughter and does the housework (well, most of it anyway). As mutual sexual attraction inevitably decreases, each of the two spouses seeks alternative partners, more as a form of escapism than a search for deeper, lasting commitments. Credible thus far, the plot becomes silly when Agnes commits adultery, apparently (but not quite clearly) 'doggie-style', with a totally unknown man whom she has never met before and whom she does not even see on that first occasion (he will turn out to be fatter and uglier than her husband, and it remains a mystery how he could have aroused her so skilfully). Having neglected her professional duties in the process, Agnes finds herself at an existential crossroads and we, the viewers, are left with a quandary as to which course of action might be best for her and her family.