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Le remplaçant
Le remplaçant (1908)
A young man, who is married and settled down in the city unknown to his rich relations, whom he has never had the pleasure of meeting, receives a letter from the latter, stating that they are coming to the city to pay him a visit, and also saying that they are bringing their daughter, whom he must marry, otherwise he must forfeit the fortune which they are about to give him. He is in a terrible quandary, for if they know that he is already married they will cut him off entirely, so he hits upon a scheme whereby he can retain their good will and gain the desired fortune in the end. He changes places with his servant and hides his dear wife in a room till the storm is passed. When the country folks arrive they are greeted by the man servant and are delighted to see him, and immediately start to make the match with the young girl. The servant carries out the joke in good shape, assuming the part of master of the house and compelling the real master to wait on him and the guests without a...

Le remplaçant (1908)

Released in the US as a split reel along with Crack Riders of the Russian Cavalry (1908).