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Omega Supreme
Transformers: Energón Omega Supreme (2004)
TV Episode
Deep within Cybertron, Dr Jones witnesses the reactivation of Omega Supreme, ancient guardian of energon. Using the energon released with the destruction of one of Alpha Q's planets, Unicron's body is almost ready for action.
Episode credited cast:
Garry Chalk Garry Chalk - Optimus Prime (voice)
Matt Hill Matt Hill - Ironhide (voice)
David Kaye David Kaye - Megatron (voice)
Brad Swaile Brad Swaile - Kicker (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alistair Abell Alistair Abell - Prowl (voice)
Sharon Alexander Sharon Alexander - Arcee (voice)
Doron Bell Doron Bell - Cliffjumper (voice)
Don Brown Don Brown - Cyclonus / Snow Cat (voice)
Trevor Devall Trevor Devall - Alpha Q (voice)
Michael Dobson Michael Dobson - Starscream (voice)
Paul Dobson Paul Dobson - Rodimus (voice)
Brian Drummond Brian Drummond - Shockblast (voice)
Ron Halder Ron Halder - Dr. Jones (voice)
Ellen Kennedy Ellen Kennedy - Misha (voice)
Terry Klassen Terry Klassen - Skyblast (voice)

Transformers: Energón Omega Supreme (2004)