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The Medicine Ball
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir The Medicine Ball (1968–1970)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Gary Nelson
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Albert E. Lewin,Edith Sommer
  • Cast:
    Hope Lange,Edward Mulhare,Reta Shaw
  • Time:
  • Year:
Carolyn comes down with a bug, and Captain Gregg, dissatisfied with the doctor, concocts his own remedy which sends Mrs. Muir back to the mid-1800's where she is the "ghost" and the very much alive Captain is the only one who can see her.
Episode cast overview:
Hope Lange Hope Lange - Carolyn Muir
Edward Mulhare Edward Mulhare - Capt. Daniel Gregg
Reta Shaw Reta Shaw - Martha Grant
Charles Nelson Reilly Charles Nelson Reilly - Claymore Gregg
Harlen Carraher Harlen Carraher - Jonathan Muir
Kellie Flanagan Kellie Flanagan - Candice Muir
Scruffy Scruffy - Scruffy
Don Scardino Don Scardino - Dr. Ferguson
Kathleen Hughes Kathleen Hughes - Mrs. Coburn

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir The Medicine Ball (1968–1970)

The title refers to the fact that Mrs. Muir becomes ill and the Captain provides his medicine. Mrs. Muir then dreams about being at a dance or "ball" with the captain. (it has nothing to do with exercise equipment).

The red flannel hash that the housekeeper, Martha, has made is a traditional New England recipe - made with beets. Often served for breakfast or lunch using the left-overs. Traditionally topped with a poached egg, which is optional. An alternative can be had by combining a can of corned beef hash and a can of beets, chopped, & fried in a pan, sometimes topped with ketchup.

Mrs. Muir (Hope Lange) is ill and young Dr. Ferguson (Don Scardino) examines her concluding it is "Virus X". Captain Gregg (Edward Mulhare) is convinced the doctor is incompetent and feels she has ague (malaria). He throws out Martha's (Reta Shaw) vegetable broth to concoct willowbark elixir with a heavy dose of brandy. It produces a fanciful dream in which she is attending an 18th century ball outside Gull Cottage. In a reversal, she is in a ghost-like state where no one can see her, but everyone can see the Captain. The different format makes it an interesting offering with a touch of romance.