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Dime a Dance
Dime a Dance (1937)
  • Director:
    Al Christie
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Arthur L. Jarrett,Marcy Klauber
  • Cast:
    Imogene Coca,Danny Kaye,June Allyson
  • Time:
  • Year:
June Allyson is a cashier in a dance hall and her friend Imogene Coca wants to get a job there as a dance hostess. June advises her she needs to first make herself attractive to men,and gives her a book on the subject. But Imogene, by mistake, picks up the wrong book and reads one on the art of jiu-jitsu. Imogene's first customer is a bashful sailor (Danny Kaye) who gets turned every which way but loose. Hank Henry also appears as a sailor. All four performers had better things ahead of them although,in the case of comedian Hank Henry, not by much.
Cast overview:
Imogene Coca Imogene Coca - Esmeralda
Danny Kaye Danny Kaye - Eddie
June Allyson June Allyson - Harriet
Hank Henry Hank Henry - Homer
Barry Sullivan Barry Sullivan - Sailor
Johnny Johnson Johnny Johnson - Orchestra Leader
Johnny Johnson's Orchestra Johnny Johnson's Orchestra - Orchestra

Dime a Dance (1937)

Film debut of Barry Sullivan.

"Dime a Dance" is an early short comedy film, in the first year of four actors who would go on to have fine careers in the movies and TV. It's the very first film appearance of Danny Kaye, and only the fourth short for June Allyson in her first year. Imogene Coca makes just her second film appearance and short that year, while Barry Sullivan is in his third short, after his first short in 1936. Coca's career path followed television mostly, while the other three were mostly in films with some TV.

Allyson and Sullivan are hardly recognizable in this early film. Their adult appearances for which they were known for decades hadn't yet developed beyond their youthful looks. Kaye and Coca, on the other hand, while very youthful, already had the semblance of the characters fans grew to know and enjoy over the years.

Kaye has a good role, but this is a comedy that stars Imogene Coca. Her Esmeralda is a real hoot as she puts some moves on gob Homer, played by Hank Henry, on the dance hall floor. Homer was a celeb, in having become the ping-pong champion of the fleet.