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The Shed
The Shed (2003)
  • Director:
    J. Brian
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    J. Brian
  • Cast:
    Liarra Bartlett,Michal Faith McCune,Dylan Ochoa
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
THE SHED is a 26 minute, black and white ghost story about a young couple who buy a house but is unaware that the shed in the backyard was the scene of a brutal murder a decade before and, as a result, is haunted. The husband, David begins to hear a child crying in the backyard late at night but his wife, Amy, is convinced that he's under a lot of stress over work and buying the house and is just hearing a neighborhood cat. Things come to a head when David ventures outside late one night after hearing the crying and comes face to face with the ghost of a little boy. After visit from the police and a mysterious old lady who lives across the street, that night David learns the sad, yet gruesome, secret that the shed has been hiding for over 10 years.
Credited cast:
Liarra Bartlett Liarra Bartlett - Amy
Michal Faith McCune Michal Faith McCune - Old Lady
Dylan Ochoa Dylan Ochoa - Ghost
Daniel Sappington Daniel Sappington - David
Emily Smith Emily Smith - Police Officer (as Jason Smith)

The Shed (2003)