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Miss of the Spider Woman
Sledge Hammer! Miss of the Spider Woman (1986–1988)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Charles Braverman
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Alan Spencer,Mike Reiss
  • Cast:
    David Rasche,Anne-Marie Martin,Harrison Page
  • Time:
  • Year:
Exotic ship-dwelling Juanita assigns her henchman Gomez to find an assassin and kill her ex-lover by slipping him a dose of rare and potent cobra venom. Gomez chooses a near-sighted female mud wrestler named Cindy who sneaks into the wrong apartment and ends up poisoning Sledge instead. Sledge has only a few hours to live unless the nearly-nonexistent antidote can be located, but he is determined to crack the case. He and Dori locate the myopic Cindy and learn of the mistake. They get their first real lead when Sledge's flirtatious landlady identifies Gomez as the man who stole her pass-key. Under duress, Gomez tells Sledge and Dori where to find the treacherous Juanita. A shipboard confrontation with her finds Sledge wrestling with a large boa constrictor in a desperation attempt to obtain the antidote in the last few minutes before the poison takes its final, fatal effect.
Episode complete credited cast:
David Rasche David Rasche - Sledge Hammer
Anne-Marie Martin Anne-Marie Martin - Dori Doreau
Harrison Page Harrison Page - Captain Trunk
Eileen Barnett Eileen Barnett - Juanita
Shelly Desai Shelly Desai - Ernesto Gomez
Karen Lynn Scott Karen Lynn Scott - Cindy
Alan Blumenfeld Alan Blumenfeld - Doctor Warneke
Patrie Allen Patrie Allen - Uniformed Policewoman
Brenda Strong Brenda Strong - Miss Hotchkins the Landlady
Leslie Morris Leslie Morris - Officer Majoy
Duane Tucker Duane Tucker - Officer Woebegone
Larry Wilmore Larry Wilmore - Mail Man
Mike Bair Mike Bair
Michael Clark Michael Clark

Sledge Hammer! Miss of the Spider Woman (1986–1988)