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An Important Message
An Important Message (2016)
  • Director:
    Dylan Allen
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  • Writer:
    Dylan Allen
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Credited cast:
Daniel Martin Berkey Daniel Martin Berkey - Dylan Allen

An Important Message (2016)
I knew nothing about this short film when I stumbled into it off the back of something else. The presentation by a doctor of some kind speaks about the tragic nature of short films – mostly with poor production values, if they even get made at all. He then tells us about the work of Amalgamated Picture Company, who strive to give shorts their moment in the sun. We see a brief example, a rock and roll sci-fi called The Privates, and we are asked to do all we can to support it.

At this point of course I realized that this is essentially a fund raising effort, but as such it is really quite enjoyable due to the meta approach it takes. While you do not see a great deal of the film that may or may not get made, what you do get is a good sense of the type of humor that will be involved – and for the few minutes it is on, I did find it funny enough to stick in my mind and have me browsing the kickstarter page some time later.